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How to Sell "It"

June 27, 2011

     As many of you know, I am always reading to improve my writing. Writing is my passion, but I want to convey my material in the best way possible. Whether I am writing an on-line article, a blog, or fictional novel. The internet is a great free and easy source to continue improving and learning.


     But there has been this prevelant message spreading throughout the on-line community that has been very disheartening. The message is to manipulate your content for best re-sale. Whether focusing on SEO as a blogger, writing generic articles that will appeal to the masses, or finding the fictional story that will become the next Twilight or Harry Potter; the message that I am seeing over and over is that we are to write with the mind of selling.


      How does that mindset and attitude produce good content? If I am writing about what people want or need because they want or need it, not because it matters to me; how will my work be any good? I suppose it is possible to do this. But it feels very... wrong.


     These promos make me feel less like a creative individual and more like an ad salesman. I have a degree that would let me do ad content. If I wanted to do ad content, I wouldn't be here. I have always believed that writers should write what they love and what they care about and that passion will bleed through to the readers. I have never believed that writers should shape their content to what they think will sell best. But with all these articles telling people to do just that, I was beginning to lose heart.


     Then I read The Writer's Manifesto By Jeff Goins and my faith in the writing community has been renewed. If you want to be a writer then you need to read this book. Whether you want to write on-line articles, blogging, or any form of creative writing; this book is meant for anyone who plans to write for others to read. Jeff is giving a free copy of this e-book on his blog when you join his e-newsletter (also free.) And I highly suggest that you do! It's a small e-book and a quick and easy read, but it is powerful and inspiring. When I am doing my research and start to feel a little down from all the sell, sell, sell content; I pull this little manifesto out to bolster my writing spirit.


    The message this week is that you as a writer have to stand for something. Don't follow the "money" as they say. Follow your passion and your heart. If you write about what you know and love, the people who are interested in those same topics will appreciate your content more. Sure, you may not become the next Twilight, but then again... you just might. Some of the best writers out there don't write to sell. They write for their passion and that passion is what sells.


Until next time, 


Keep Writing!



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