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September 19, 2011

As you are going along getting your story out there, you may find yourself hitting a road block. You will sit down to write and then no matter how hard you try, nothing comes to mind. You stare angrily at the page and it stares back. Nothing happens.... and you wait.


Don't wait! If nothing is coming to mind about your story, do a creative exercise to loosen up those creative muscles. Cut yourself free from the writer's block! For a wide range of creative exercise tips, check out my little book Creative Exercises to Inspire  available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble




A quick and easy tip to dealing with a creative block is to throw on some tunes and just start writing whatever comes to mind. It does not have to be about your story. It can be about whatever is troubling you, or it can be nothing at all. just write the first words that come to mind and then keep writing.


Geoff Talbot has a great Seven Sentences post on free writing, The Fifth Blank Page It is literally seven sentences long, but gives you an idea of what to do!


After about ten minutes, this free writing exercise will loosen things up and then you can take a minute to re-read the last couple of paragraphs of what you are writing and get back on track with your story. And you thought you had to wait for inspiration! (Don't get me wrong, inspiration is great! Sometimes it just needs a gentle nudge!! Arm yourself with the right tools and you can give inspiration a nudge whenever you need it!)


What tools do you use to chase away writer's block and give inspiration a nudge? Share in the comments below.


Wednesday we will be focusing on editing your work.


Until next time,


Keep Writing!



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