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Come Vote on Book Cover and Title!

May 28, 2013

Hello my lovelies! 

Mike's event went well! Although we did have some technical issues, (as is bound to happen when you have a new event using new software) we had a great interview! I will be doing a break down next week on what we learned from the event, and what you might want to know when you plan your own event. 

The winners of the Black Agnes CD event were Chris Lyons, Kim Worthen, and John Harrison! Congratulations, folks! The CD will be out to you in June!

Now, I need your help everyone! 

My next book will be out in June and it has been brought to my attention that All is Well is... kind of a boring title. I'm inclined to agree! So I would like votes on a title. 

The story is a psychic thriller/ paranormal romance. I know, interesting blending there, right?! 

Here is the back cover blurb:



How do you catch a serial killer who is always two steps ahead?


Grant Anderson is a detective in a small town in rural Montana. His job was quiet and easy, until three girls end up dead. It would seem that he has a serial killer stalking the young ladies in his town. Without the high tech equipment of big cities at his fingers, Grant must rely on good old fashioned police work; but with no discernible pattern and no clues to follow, the case seems to be grinding to a halt.


 Then Grant gets a visit from a mysterious woman who knows things about his case that not even he knew. Who is Clear Angel? What is her connection to the case? If Grant is to believer her, then he must accept that she has “seen” these things; but Grant is a professional. He cannot believe in psychics! Yet when another girl goes missing, and Grant’s search is yielding nothing he is desperate enough to try.



Clear Angel has always been special. At a very young age her parents discovered that she was a genius. Her parents realize that no one would ever accept what she can do. To protect her from the nightmares and the scorn of others, they move her to a small, secluded town in the Rockies.


Then the nightmares begin again. She does not know what to make of them. Are they premonitions of events to come? Are they the sick fantasies of a madman? Then one evening she runs into a stranger and finds out that not only are they real, but they are happening here in her home town. After a lifetime of running and hiding from what she can do, she is now forced to reach out to the most unlikely person in an effort to save innocent girls and perhaps the world.


Grant and Clear team up in an effort to stop a madman bent on the destruction of the world and find in one another two lonely and hurt people reaching out for solace. As their feelings grow, they try to deny them; but when Clear goes missing, Grant must face his feelings and vows to save her before it is too late.



So, the titles suggested are:


1. All is Well


2. Elements of a Broken Mind


3. Broken Minds


Please post your vote in the comments as so: Title (and then the number you like best!) 


And one more thing to vote on: The cover art. I am posting a handful of options. Please put your vote in the comments below and use the title of the cover to indicate which one you prefer! 


Here are the options: 




Cover 1


Cover 2



Cover 3



Cover 4




Cover 5



Thank you so much for your time in voting! I appreciate your contributions! 

Until next time, 

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