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Update: It's Been Awhile

March 1, 2014

Hello Lovelies,


It has been awhile, and I apologize for that. I have been super busy getting ready for FanX coming up in April, working a full-time job to pay for all the snifty merch, prepping new books to launch, and being sick. Yep, I am home sick (so please excuse any and all spelling/ grammar/ general errors).


I had this lovely schedule planned where I would post once a week while doing all this other stuff, but it just hasn't happened. Yet here I am laid down low by strep and it is time to  touch base with you guys again. Get you up to date and let you know that I have not quit, I am just doing a lot of rallying.


I have joined the rank of authors who work a full time job, and write. (Ok, in my case I am working two full time jobs, still as vp of Soul Star, and now a new job to fund Soul Star's endeavors) It is tough. There are never enough hours in the day. So while out sick I came to some conclusions. I need to blog. I need to keep in touch with you guys. But you will find the posts a bit shorter.


I need to keep doing book reviews. I have about ten books that I have finished reading and not posted the reviews for. That is crazy! There is no excuse for that! So, you will be seeing more reviews coming up. I'll be taking on a different format, I think. Following the short and sweet. But they will be coming.


I need to learn to ask for help. This is something I have always struggled with. Partly because I feel that asking for help makes me less independent, but mostly because I am a little OCD and feel that no one will do it as well as I do. And yet, I have found a couple of fantastic artists who are redoing the covers for several of Soul Star's books. They are wonderful! They do it far better than I could. I need to get past this inability to ask for help.


So here goes: I would like to ask each of you who read this blog to share it with others. Seeing that it is being read will help motivate me to keep writing.


I would like to ask each of you who have read any of my books to post reviews on GoodreadsAmazonSmashwords, and even on your own blog (if you haven't done so already).



I would like to ask you to share my social media updates. Help me tell people about our books!


If you have read books by Soul Star, I would like to ask you to post reviews for them. We have published some really wonderful Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Share them with your friends!



If you haven't read any of our books, I would like to ask you to find something you like, read, and post a review.


I would like to ask you to share the love!


Until next time,


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