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Book Review: Eternal City, Book 5 in The Castleton Series

March 17, 2014

Hello lovelies!


I am so excited to announce that the fifth book in The Castleton Series released yesterday!!




Genre- Sci-fi, YA

Synopsis- Seven generations from now an island rises out of the ocean between Brazil and Africa. Archaeologists are stunned to find the ruins of an unknown city. Chaz Newcomb and his team arrive to begin a dig, but are forced to abandon their work when all but he fall into a mysterious trance. There is only one way to identify the city: go back in time and visit it before it disappeared. Once again, the Auckland’s and the CT 9225’s crews combine their efforts. Their quest takes them to the dawn of humanity where they encounter the last of the Neanderthals, about to go extinct. They also find the lost city, inhabited by an unknown species of humans with amazing technology. The inhabitants have been overtaken by a trance, all but Carolus Nukium, and the city’s three leaders, a set of triplets that call themselves the Triumvirate. When the city sinks below the sea, the Triumvirate goes into stasis; reappearing 12,000 years later at the archaeological dig. There, they discover that humans can now time travel and head for the Time Institute to seize its technology, knowing it will make them invincible. The crews follow in hot pursuit with no idea of the price they are about to pay.

My Take:  My boys are so excited to read this, and I am excited to read it with them! They have absolutely loved every single one of The Castleton series! But I try very hard to read what they are reading before we read it, especially after awkward questions from Rick Roirdan's books caught me completely unprepared! The Eternal City is an exciting and unique take on the lost city of Atlantis. I love the educational elements of all of Mike's books. After The Triangle, my boys were wanting to learn more about pilots and we just watched Flyboys as a direct result of reading Mike's book. I am eagerly looking for information to expand on the myriad of questions I am anticipating about Atlantis, Neanderthals, and Greece. When was the last time your kids read a book that made them want to learn more about history? 

Love, love, love this series!! 

Start an exciting adventure with your own kids, or for your own pleasure, today! 


Until next time, 


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