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New Year's Resolution Fail

January 30, 2015

And January isn't even over yet. I missed my blog post Sunday due to... well, to me forgetting to be perfectly honest. Between my personal New Year's resolutions, our family resolutions, my other writing resolutions and life it has been quite the balancing act around here.  I think as far as resolutions go, I might have bitten off more than I can chew. There are only 24 hours in a day, and my body has already informed me that I am too old not to be getting my 8 hours.


I have failed all of my New Year's resolutions at least once already (and family cleaning up the kitchen after dinner fails a couple times every week!) And yet, I keep working on them. I pick myself up and start again. I push to do better each week. I plan and adapt to make it work. This is the difference between "New Year's resolutions" and goals. If more people treated New Year's resolutions as goals one makes at the new year, instead of declarations of things one wants to change in their life, less people would fail at their New Year's resolutions.


Which brings  me to one of my favorite quotes



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 Sometimes those deadlines are fluid. Sometimes life gets in the way. I was supposed to be taking the stairs at work every day... My second day back to work after surgery, I realized I couldn't do it straight out (it is 5 flights of stairs.) Did I throw that goal out and say Fahgeddaboutit? Nope, I looked at what little steps I needed to do to build up the stamina to do it. I am still working on it.


Which leads me to a new favorite quote:


The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to failure.

John C. Maxwell


My first book in the Hell School series was supposed to come out this month. I realized somewhere around the time that I was scheduling surgery that probably wasn't going to happen. I didn't  throw my hands up and complain that it was too hard to be an author, mother and work a full-time job. (Ok, I might have told myself that a couple times, but EVENTUALLY I suck it up!) I re-scheduled my release date and made plans on how I can achieve that goal. 


Even if all you are doing is taking two steps forward and one step back, after 10 steps, you are still four steps further along than if you had done nothing. (I have to remind myself that when doing laundry!)


Until next time,


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