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Poetry Corner: Insanity

February 22, 2015

Absolute insanity


wrought our daily lives.

It blends well with humanity

carving like sharp knives.


Families full of madness.

Cruel tricks of the brain.

Some snap under duress.

How do these people drive me so insane?






From Imgur


I come from a pretty messed up family, which I have learned is actually pretty normal. As a teenager, I didn't know that. My parents divorced when I was very young. My older siblings were all out of the home and for the longest time it was just me, my brother, and my mom.


Then for a time, most of my siblings were all in the same city. I think we wanted to be like the Waltons, or Leave it to Beaver. We were more like a mini version of high school. There were the "favorites" and the "black sheep" and it was as fluid as high school too.


I have struggled with my thoughts of what I expect family to be, and the reality of family. Even with my own little family of four, we struggle with the ideals versus reality. I really appreciate that television is reflecting real families more and more. It makes me feel less bad for not having that ideal family. Yet I am still sad not to be able to have that.


 I will never stop striving for that ideal family and in striving, it will drive me crazy.

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