October 13, 2017

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Sneak Peek: Hell School, Meet Sam

March 22, 2015

Today is an intro to my main character Samantha Havre. Her friends know her as Sam.


Sam, for those of you who don't know, is me. Well, the synthetically scrubbed version of how I saw/ see/ wish to be myself. There are some changes. For one she is notably native.


I am a Heinz 57 and the odds are good that there is some Native American in there, but nothing I can point directly to. Yet, despite that I have always had a draw to all things native. From the customs to the people, to their belief systems. When I was 12 my dad took us to a Rocky Boy Pow Wow in Montana. He was doing electrical work for the tribe and we got to stay for the three day event. It was amazing! There was a German anthropologist there who was asking me about the dance and at the end was surprised that I hadn't grown up on the res. He said it seemed to him my heart was Native. Perhaps there is more. One day I might get a DNA mapping to see.


But this is about Sam. Hell School: Fresh Meat introduces us to Sam, a 14 year old mixed Cree girl who's family moves to South Carolina after her parents' divorce. Her cultural adaptation was very much my experience moving to South Carolina. I felt like a fish out of water!


 Brenda Schad, much how I picture Sam


She is quiet and a bit shy, with looks that could make her one of the "popular girls" and a personality that puts her with the geeks where she belongs. There is a lot of blending who I was, and who I wanted to be with Sam's personality, down to her name. As a young girl I hated my name. I always wished I could have a name that had a cool nick name. Samantha was a name I always fancied as a child and I would have gone by Sam or Sammy. (though Samantha Sampson would have been horrible.) Ironically, I learned when I was an adult that my mom always favored the name Samantha too and wanted to be a Sam when she was young.


Samantha is ridiculously tall and developed for her age, When I was young my mom joked that I was her version of "Honey, I blew up the kids." and she jokes the summer of my 12th birthday I went from 12 to 21 in one summer. Sam was no different. Her womanly figure draws unwanted attention from both sexes, the boys leering over her and the girls despising her.


It also leads to the very unwanted attention of her very own stalker.


What else would you like to know about Sam?


Leave your questions in the comments below.



Until Next Time, 


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