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Murder for Justice Blog Tour 10/20-10/30 Character Interview

October 21, 2015


Hello Lovely Readers, here is a character interview as part of Dominique Watson’s Blog tour for Murder For Justice: A Scarlett Fry Story



About the Book: Kendall Harris never thought this would be his last 4th of July he’d celebrate with his daughter.


San Diego Homicide Detective Scarlett Fry is called to a home in the middle of the night on 4th of July. What awaits her is a brutal killing that causes everyone to be a suspect, but something doesn’t seem right. With a lot of motive and little evidence, Scarlett is up against one of the most twisted killers in her career.


She and her partner, Trey Carr, spend weeks tracking down evidence to convict a killer that they are convinced is right in front of their face. Just when it seems like Scarlett has found her “man” the case takes a turn for the worst and becomes a cold case.


When her main suspect ends up dead, Scarlett and Carr are confused more than ever. They must hunt down a serial killer that’s attacking families with a motive even Scarlett can’t understand.


Murder for Justice is the first book in a page turning series that introduces readers to a fire, red head detective that will stop at nothing to protect and serve her city.


KFMB San Diego Channel 8 Interviews Detective Scarlett Fry 


KFMB: Detective Scarlett Fry, thank you for taking the time to talk with us this evening. It’s not too often that a detective speaks with the media openly.


Detective Fry: (Laughing) Well most of my work is to be kept under wraps until we’ve been able to formally work our cases.


KFMB: Understandable. But don’t you think it’s only fair that the public know about what’s going on in its city? Take your current case: Kendall Harris who was found dead in his home by his daughter. SDPD has not found or even arrested anyone for the murder yet. Don’t you think the people of San Diego deserve to know what’s going on? 


Detective Fry: You are correct. We want the public to know what’s going on but sometimes to keep them safe, it’s better the less they know. With the Kendall Harris case, I can’t say much. However, I can say that our department is doing everything we can to find out who killed him. This case is a priority to all of us.


KFMB: Good to know. Let’s talk about you. How long have you been on the force? 


Detective  Fry: Thirteen Years. Nine years in Narcotics and four years in homicide. 


KFMB: WOW! Narcotics. How was that different from homicide?


Detective Fry: Very different (Laughing) Although I have spent a lot of long nights away from my family in homicide, nothing is compared to working narcotics. I’ve done a lot of undercover work. Sometimes for weeks and months at a time, not being able to keep in touch with my family. I enjoyed it. But I won’t ever go back.


KFMB: Why’s that?


Detective Fry: It’s tough. A lot of people think it’s not built for women, but I think I mastered it. But (taking a deep breath and sighing) I lost a very close family member during my time in narcotics. It’s too much of a reminder to go back. I needed the change. 


KFMB: I’m sorry for your lose.


Detective Fry: Thank you.


KFMB: How has homicide affected your family?


Detective Fry: My husband has been supportive. He’s my rock and understands my passion. My mother is concerned, as a mother should be, but she supports me. It’s her prayers every night that keep me safe. 


KFMB: I understand your father served in the military. 


Detective Fry: Yes, he actually met my mother when he was on a tour in Spain. They married and had me and my brother. He was very proud of my success as a police officer as well. 


KFMB: A lot of people think, even in our times, that women aren’t cut out for this kind of work. How do you feel about that? What’s your perspective in protecting and serving as a woman?


Detective Fry: I don’t think there’s anything else I could be doing. I can’t see myself as a teacher or a homemaker or doing secretarial work. It’s not me. I grew up watching my father put on a uniform and go to work everyday risking his life for other people. I love what I do. I feel…naked without my badge and gun. I don’t like to get rough, but sometimes duty calls and I have no choice. If it means making sure the people of San Diego are safe, I do it. It’s who I am. I’m passionate about it. I think any woman who feels the same way, should push through in their dreams and passions as well. 


KFMB: Has there ever been a case that was too difficult?


Detective Fry: Every case is tough. What makes it tough, in homicide, is the news we have to deliver to the families. Every man or woman, mother or father, husband or wife, sister or brother reacts differently and it’s tough to deliver that kind of news each time. But what makes my job worth it is when I am helping the justice system. When I am bringing closure to families, it’s always worth it. 


KFMB: Ever think about retirement? All of this coming to an end?


Detective Fry: All the time. Not that I want it, or that I am ready for it, but I know it will have to end soon. Nothing lasts forever.


KFMB: What does Scarlett like to do for fun, outside of catching the bad guys?


Detective Fry: (Laughing) I love to swim. I like to cook, but I never have the time for that. My husband does most of the cooking. I also love dogs but I don’t have the time for one right now.


KFMB: What is your happy place?


Detective Fry: My husband. He’s my…everything. I can literally go to him and curl up under him. He takes it all away. Takes me to my calm place; his words are soothing. His understanding is comforting. 


KFMB: What do you want your city to know?


Detective Fry: I want the city of San Diego to know that I am passionate about what I do and what I bring to the city. I go to work every day, place my badge and my gun on my hip with a motivation that today will be the day I will heal a family. I will bring justice into someone’s heart and home. I am working for all of you.


KFMB: Thank you so much for talking with us. It’s been a pleasure.


Detective Fry: Thank you! I truly enjoyed it. 


Well, that was a fun interview!  Are you intrigued? Pre-order your copy today! 


Until next time, 


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