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Poetry Corner: Human Cruelty

December 19, 2015



Who do you think you are?


Where do you get off hurting me?

I didn't leave that scar

so deep in your heart.


Why do you hurt me,

someone you don't even know?


Does it make you feel better?

To humiliate me with your show?


So God made me imperfect,

He did the same with you.

I was born to be large

There is nothing I can do.


You were born without a heart.

I feel sorry for you.


I could hurt people too,

but I accept my fate.

Why can't you do the same?






This was a poem I did in high school, because of some bullying I was getting. But it really hit home re-reading it as I see how cruel people seem to be lately. I am not sure if it is just "lately" or if I am simply finding myself exposed to it more. Either way, it makes me sad that our society is so divisive and unkind to those who are different from "us". I was informed that being kind and understanding to others won't fix our world, but I can't help but question that statement. Will it fix everything? No, but I know that as my family has made an effort to display more kindness and understanding (not that we were ever cruel, but we weren't always actively demonstrating an effort to understand or be supportive.) my little family has seen a major improvement in our happiness. Our situation (financial, locale, position in society, and "popularity") has not changed, but the anger one individual was having, the sadness another was having, the avoidance a third was going through, and the anxiety the other was experiencing have all significantly dropped. And considering that Depression and Mental Health Facts Statistics and You shows that 350 million people world wide report suffering from depression and that it is the leading cause of disability, I am thinking little changes can make a difference.


What are your thoughts?


Until next time,


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