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TV series Review: Continuum

February 10, 2016

Hello Lovelies,


I just finished watching season four of Continuum on Netflix. I have to say, I love that I can binge watch series on Netflix. It really spoils me! Continuum is an interesting sci-fi series with a mind bending time travel theme that confused the audience as much as it confused the characters. At the same time, it was a really fun mind bender! 


Kiera Cameron is a joy to follow as she goes through major developmental changes. I caught on that she was fighting for the wrong side before she realized, but I appreciate that she was trying to make the best choices for what she believed was the good of everyone. The pain of not knowing whether the things she was doing would prevent her child and family from existing was intense. As a mother, I honestly cannot say if I would make the same choices. 









I found Alec (old, and young, and time traveller) to be a very mercurial character. It is a shame

, because I really like the actor. I wanted to like Alec. And often I did, his eager mind, his passionate willing ness to help someone he didn't even know. His struggle with losing his father, and feeling out of place in the new family his mother built with her new husband. How he felt out of place because he was smarter than everyone around them, but wasn't arrogant about it.. He was a sad, lonely kid with only technology as a friend and then to find out that his only friend would be how he unkowingly would enslave the entire human population. Oh, the agony of seeing him try to be a good person! But I never trusted him. And when he went all dark side I wasn't that surprised. 



My favorite character by far was Carl Fonnegra. Yeah, I have a thing for hero cops! He reminds me a lot of Detective Grant Anderson from Clear Angel Chronicles, especially when he gets to know everything and then his world is really turned upside down. 


 Talk about deliciously good! He was an everyday guy, willing to die for his friends, following the spirit of the law, if not always the letter of the law. Those gorgous eyes and dimpled smile didn't hurt, either!



This show has a great cast of actors. I got straight up giddy seeing Gadreel from Supernatural,  Detective Lucas Hilton from Arrow,  and a host of others well known in the sci-fi and fantasy world. 



I am sad that it is over. I enjoyed the ride. Have you watched Continuum? What were your thoughts? 


Until next time, 


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