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Poetry Corner: Valentine's Day

February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day is upon us again,

and so the torture begins.

The cards go out.

The flowers are sent.

Chocolates arrive,

and everyone says "I love you!"


I just want to scream!


Go away with your sappy poems

Leave me out of your bullshit cooing.

Don't make eyes

and kiss in front of me!

I might very well hurl!


Don't give me a box of chocolates;

just a pint of ice cream,

a good action flick,

then leave me to my own devices.


St. Valentine should have been shot

with Cupid's little arrow and had it

shatter his little heart!


Then those of us who are alone

could be left in sane peace.



I wrote this when I was still single, but I would still rather curl up and watch an action or horror flick. Fortunately, I married a man who appreciates what a unique woman I am! Last year for Valentine's day he got me a Daryl pop ride.


The year before we went and saw  Kingsman. A man who knows exactly what I love! 


This year we are torn between Deadpool (Because Deadpool is AWESOME!) and Pride, Prejudice, Zombies... because ZOMBIES!!! 


How do you feel about the 14th? Love it, hate it, find your own unique way to celebrate and honor those you love? Tell us all about it! And if you find yourself with downtime, stop by for a special post with an excerpt from Hell School Fresh Meat as a part


of A.F. Stewart's Bloody Valentine Hop, or follow the event on Facebook! I am certain it will be as much fun as last year! 


Until next time, 


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