October 13, 2017

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Bloody Valentine Horror Hop: Excerpt of Hell School: Fresh Meat

February 14, 2016

Hello lovelies,


 I can't believe it has been a whole year since I shared a teaser of Hell school in the last Bloody Valentine Horror hop! Here is another great teaser! 


To set the scene: Sam is at her first high school dance. She and her friends are having a great time, and she got to dance with Senior Wes Johnson, who is the captain of the football team and who all the girls drool over. 


     “I gotta go, Wes. See you,” she waved to him over her shoulder and made a beeline for her group. She could hear Ricky guffaw as she walked away.  

     Just as she reached Misty and April, Fat Boy Slim’s Funk Soul Brother came on and they were back out on the dance floor. She looked for Wes, but didn’t see him. She spun and danced with the others through two more quick songs and when the next slow song came on she was ready to move off the dance floor for another break. She turned right into a hulking chest.

     “Wanna dance?” It was the boy from Biology.

     “Um,” Sam gulped. “I.. I need a drink and to rest.” She tried to move off, but he blocked her path.

     “One dance,” he insisted.

     “No thank you,” Sam replied as politely as possible, again trying to move around him. He grabbed her arm and pulled her into him.

     “Excuse me!” She couldn’t help the slightly hysterical pitch. She tried to pull away, but his hand had a vice-like grip on her bicep.

     “Just one...”

     “I think she said she wasn’t interested,” a calm voice came from behind her. Sam glanced over her shoulder and was relieved to see Wes. Wes eyed the guy’s hand coldly. “Let her go.”

Biology guy sneered at Wes. Sam realized that although Wes was tall and imposing because of his physique, he was still half a head shorter than this creep, and probably 50 lbs less at least.

     “Is there a problem here?” One of the teachers had come up. The guy let go of Sam’s arm and Sam glanced to Wes, then to the teacher stepping away from her assailant. Wes smiled congenially.

     “I think we are good Coach. Having fun?” he moved to Sam’s side and put a light hand on her shoulder, putting himself between the creep and herself. She sighed inwardly.

     Coach began chatting casually with Wes and the three of them moved to the edge of the dance floor as another fast song came on and the dancers got wild.

     Sam could barely hear what they were talking about, but she didn’t care. She stayed with Wes, despite being thirsty. Scanning the crowd she couldn’t find the creep anywhere. She saw Misty and April over by the drink stand eying her and talking animatedly.

     “I’m going to go get a drink,” Sam told Wes. He gave her a ‘wait a minute’ gesture and excused himself from the teacher. They moved fluidly through the crowd, he no more than a pace behind her. When she got close to April and Misty, they moved toward her as well.

     “What happened?” Misty asked, eyeing Wes.

     “What do you mean?” Sam asked, glancing to the drinks over their shoulders. Wes patted her shoulder.

     “I’ll get us drinks. Be right back.”

     “Um, the Mexican stand-off in the middle of the dance floor,” April pointed out.

     “You saw that?” Sam could feel herself blushing. She groaned. “It was nothing. He wanted to dance, I didn’t. He wasn’t taking no so well, so Wes reinforced it.”

     “And what is up with that?!” April drooled, glancing over her shoulder at Wes who was working his way back over to them.

     “Drop that. I have... no idea, but do not make a scene. He likes me because I don’t cause that kind of drama!” Sam pointed out.

     April winked. Wes walked up just then and offered Sam a drink. She took it gratefully and gulped it down.

     “What was up with Wolfman Jack?” Wes asked casually.

     Sam stared at him blankly and Misty giggled.

     “Um, who?” Sam asked.

     Wes grinned. “The dude looks like a mix between a werewolf and a lumberjack. What was his deal?”

Sam shrugged, truly flummoxed. “He sits in front of me in Biology.” She glanced around nervously, and still couldn’t find him in the crowd. She hated how uncomfortable he made her feel.

     “Sorry, if I misread the situation,” Wes muttered. Sam looked back to him in surprise.

     “No, you didn’t. I was not interested in dancing. He... he was. Thank you.”

     Wes eyed her hard, as if he wanted to say more, but then Clint came over with Jill and Mike and they were talking about some guy losing it outside.

     “No idea who he was, but apparently he flipped over a picnic table and busted it, then threw a trash can and broke a window,” Jill was telling Clint.

     “Wow, why?”

     “Who knows, he took off when some teacher came out. It was crazy!”



I am excited to announce that Hell School: Fresh Meat is going to be released March 18th, but you can get your pre-orders in today! Order it on Kindle or if you need another format, check it out on Smashwords


The book tour will begin February 21st, so be sure to check back for the tour schedule and follow along for exciting events!


Until next time, 


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