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#Protip- When Things Get Crazy

February 17, 2016

Hello Lovelies! 


Life has gotten crazy. (I know, my life, wha...!) with the book launch right around the corner, getting everything wrapped up for the tour (which is gonna be AMAZING!) The joy of contract work leaving me scrambling to pay bills because my main source hasn't started the new project that was supposed to be starting up in January, and teenage boys who have decided that homework is for everyone else....


I sometimes feel like a chicken with her head cut off. 


One can only be pulled in so many directions before one rips apart. 


So here is the pro tip to handling such stress. I have been doing it for a while and everything works out ok at the end. The key is to have a plan and work the plan. 


When everything seems to be just too much, I look to my list to guide me. It is too overwhelming to think of all the things that have to get done, and everything pulling you in separate directions. When you are in the throes of being overwhelmed, that little priority list helps give you focus. 


Keep that list! 




Today my list is:


Finish this blog post for my lovelies


Write three articles for guest post

Send out four proposals

Send out 12 emails with materials for the book tour

Make bread for dinner tonight. 

Make pumpkin cookies before the puree goes bad

2 loads of laundry


Help minion one make up three assignments

Help minion two make up 5 assignments

clean out the fridge

Vacuum the bedroom 

Vacuum the stairs

Clean master bathroom






I have ten million other things I need to do, but this list is what I can do today. Rather than stressing about all the other things I am simply focusing here. 


By focusing here, I can get everything done. If I spend the whole day stressing about everything else that needs to be done then that is valuable energy wasted. But breaking it up into chunks like this allows me to focus on each part of my life so nothing gets neglected and at the same time get an impressive amount done. That makes my list for tomorrow that much easier to manage. 


What is your pro tip for managing when life gets hectic? 


Share in the comments below!


Until next time, 


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