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What I Learned from my Thunderclap Failure

February 22, 2016


Hello Lovelies! 


Before we get into this article, I just wanted to let you know that I just read the first book review of the Hell School: Fresh Meat Tour, and it was awesome! I loved Amanda's take on the book. You should check it out here!


Alright, on to business. 


Have you heard of Thunderclap? It is a nifty new social media crowd sourcing tool that allows you to mass release a message if you can garner 100 supporters for the campaign. They allow people to add the power of their Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr (or multiple variations of those accounts) to a set message and then release that message across all accounts at the same time on one particular day. 


The service is free, if you can get at least 100 supporters. If you don't get the support, nothing happens. 


Well, I ran a campaign for the announcement of my book tour, Hell School: Fresh Meat,  and it was an abysmal failure. I did learn some really important things to use the next time I run a Thunderclap campaign (because I absolutely will be running another campaign!) and I would like to share that information with you today so that you can have a successful campaign. 



1st Lesson: Give yourself plenty of time for your campaign. I only learned about Thunderclap about two weeks ago and I dove in head first as I thought it would be a perfect addition to my already well-planned book tour.  In the future, I will give my Thunderclap campaign as much time as I gave planning my book tour, about three months. 


2nd Lesson: Don't rely on a post a day on your social media to garner the support you need. I only recently learned about Thunderclap, so I only had two weeks before the launch to host the campaign. I thought that with a pretty healthy social media following of  almost 5,000, getting 100 would be a breeze. And yet, in the last two days of the campaign I had only garnered 12 followers. I had to do some mad scrambling the last two days, and still only managed to get about 47. Way short of the final goal. I would recommend sharing it a couple times a week, but tag two or three specific people and invite them to join.


3rd Lesson: Send a personal invitation. This is how I achieved the bulk of my response in the last two days of the campaign. Now, when you do this there are a couple of things you want to keep in mind. A. Only a small handful that you tag will actually join. Don't take it personal. Thunderclap is a relatively new thing and most people don't know what it is. It is asking for permission to post on their sites. Some people don't feel comfortable about that. Some of those people will then come back and ask for another way to support you. Be gracious and grateful. B. Some people will not respond at all. That is ok. Don't take it personal. C. Don't get all spammy about it. I might send two requests to the person over the course of a six week campaign, but no more than that. 


4th lesson: Work with Thunderclap people. Support other campaigns that look interesting to you. (key here, you want to stay authentic, so don't support campaigns that you think wouldn't work well with your brand) After supporting their campaign, invite them to support yours. Almost all of the campaigns I supported, turned around and supported mine. There were only three exceptions, and they responded today very apologetic that they didn't get my message in time to help. #Pro-tip: Search on Facebook and twitter for the keyword Thunderclap and the subject (in my case books) to find active campaigns that fit your interest and will likely be interested in your campaign. 


 5th Lesson: This will mostly apply to authors, but you might be able to find a way to tweak it to your needs. If you are using Thunderclap for a book tour, add it in the materials for your book tour stops so that members of the book tour can join as well. They should be invested in promoting the tour, as it is promoting their stop as well. Use that to your advantage! Several of my book tour people were wonderful in actively promoting my campaign after they signed up, inviting their own followers to support the Thunderclap as well. It was great to have so much support! 


Have you run a Thunderclap campaign before? What tips would you recommend? Let us know in the comment below! 


Until next time, 


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