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Wandering Wednesday Wondering

March 9, 2016

Hello lovelies! 


In case you missed it, we had some fun stuff on the tour this week! I had the first in a four-part interview with Nancy Christie and we did a Top Ten of Sam's Favorite books over at Live to Read. 

I also had a really great podcast interview with Soul Sciences Podcasting which was actually for the Goodreads Cyber Con, but it went so well that Charlene put it up early! Hope you enjoy checking out these stops!


Whew,  it is Wednesday. I have had a hectic couple of months, and the last week or so I have been getting caught up on all the housework that got neglected right before tour launch, working on The Hunted, (Yes, the long awaited sequel to The Hunters! *SQUEE*), catching up on my reading, and drumming up work. 


Today, as I do every day, I sat down to make a list of tasks to do and just felt bleh... I realized that I had run out of topics planned for you lovely folks, and I didn't really want to do two poems in a row. I haven't finished another books for review yet, and I wasn't sure what to write about. 


I had writer's block! I mean, I don't exactly. I could go work on The Hunted, I could go write another guest post about stalking. I am working on a short story submission for a writing competition... 



But I racked my brain as I began cleaning up the breakfast dishes for a topic for the blog... and nothing came to me. I took out the trash and built my cleaning list, and still nothing. 

So you know what I did? I just sat down to write and let my feelings flow on the page. 


Why can't I come up with a topic? I think there is a little bit of shiny object syndrome going on. I am thinking about so many other things that focusing on a topic for today's post is impossible. 


I also know that part of it is that several of the topics I am planning on writing about (How the tour is performing, my next steps, sales projections, blah, blah, blah) I can't write about yet because I am kind of stuck in the middle. I can't share too much with you until the end. 


I also think that my confidence has taken a bit of a hit. Writing so many guest posts for other writers has brought my writing under the purview of someone else. I have had to do so many edits of late, and it is funny because one writer will want me to edit XYZ, and then the next will tell me that it needs to be done XYZ.  Who is right? Well, ironically, all of them. (and not just because of some existential "it is their audience I am writing for" kind of thing either. The joy of grammar!) I will compile a list of some of that irony later when I have some more distance and am not feeling so sensitive about it.


The difficulty of writing fiction and conversationally, is that when you go to a more technical writing style there are different rules. Bouncing back and forth between all the different rules is exhausting. Then there are people's individual preferences.  When I hire an editor, that editor is working for me. They make recommendations and I can choose to take it or leave it. But when I am asking another writer to allow me to guest post on their site, I am essentially working for them and need to do it their way. After so many years of doing it my way... it is hard to switch back. 


Life is about growing and I think I might be suffering some growing pains this week. 


Thanks for listening to my wonderings this lovely Wednesday. I think I am going to go work in the yard. 


Until next time, 


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