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Blog Hop: The Little Things that Make Sam's Life Better

March 17, 2016

Hello Lovelies! I am participating in the Little Things blog hop, which is going to be a lot of fun! There are over 115 participants with lots of prizes! 


Weaving this hop in with my book tour, I decided to list the top ten things that Make Sam Havre's life a little better. 


1. Books-Yes, books make everyone's life better! But for Sam, they were her only constant friend after moving cross country.


2. Robin- her best friend that she left when she moved. She and Robin keep in touch mainly through letters, and continuing that relationship is so important to Sam. 


3. Her kid brother Mikey- as kid brothers go, he is actually pretty darn awesome!


4. Church- Moving is hard, but having the consistency of church helped a lot, plus it was a great place to start making new friends when school hadn't started up yet. 


5. Mom- I know, this probably should have been higher up on the list, but Sam holds a bit of resentment for her mother because mom is the reason they moved in the first place. At the same time, she is Sam's mom and good or bad, mom is always there with love and support. 


6. New friends- School is hard when you don't have friends. Sam's little niche makes school a bit easier. 


7. Walks- Sam likes taking walks, especially in the woods. It helps her regroup, focus, and think when things get overwhelming. 


8. Teachers- Good teachers are hard to find, even for a student like Sam who loves to learn. But a few good teachers are all it takes to help make it through. 


9. Sleep- Sam is a teenager. Sleep makes everything better and more bearable. 


10. Books-  I know, it was number one, but it needs another mention! Seriously, books can make pretty much any horrible thing better! 



As part of the hop, I am giving away a few signed paperback copies of The Hunters. For every 10 people to sign up, I will give away 1 copy. I have found that a rounding approach like this is best, because if I offer 3 and only get three entries then pfft, but if I offer three and get 300, then those are kind of crummy odds. I like 1 in 10 odds, those are nice! 


I don't do this very often, so best take advantage! 



Enter the Rafflecopter here 






The tour masters are also hosting a pretty nifty rafflecopter giveaway, with prizes of $50 Amazon gift card, and a free e-book Must Remember by Colleen Myers (which reminds me, this is on my TBR. I should totally get on that!)


Don't forget to check out the other sites on the tour. Many of them are hosting their own individual giveaways, so you could really stock up on goodies! 


 You can get the master list here.  The next stop in the tour is Connie's Blog, swing on by! 


Until next time, 


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