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Poetry Corner: Who Can Stop?

March 25, 2016

Hello my lovelies, 


What an amazing week! I hope yours was fantastic as well. Did you see the great review on Wednesday from 5 Girls Book Reviews? Let me tell you, that review has really stuck with me. And not because it was a five star (though I do so appreciate that!) I think I will do a post next week about the power of reviews. Be sure to keep your eyes out for that! Also, did you see the fun interview yesterday on Books and More?

 If not, definitely go and check it out! Lastly, do not forget that the Little Things blog hop is still going, until the end of the month. There are tons of great giveaways, including my giveaway for signed copies of The Hunters. Be sure to get yours!  Here is a fun little poem for you:



Who can tell the wind to stop

blowing once it's set its course?

Who can tell the earth to stop turning,

just so they can hide their remorse?

Without permission, the stars still shine. 

So does this heart of mine. 


Love is a strange and crazy thing. 

You can't "make" it grow,

but it can make your heart sing

so clearly when you know. 


No one can stop the sun from rising

when it is dawn. 

No one can stop the moon from glowing,

once the night has come. 

No one can stop my soul from soaring

when I hear you speak. 

No one can understand my feelings,

or the peace I seek. 


Love is a strange and crazy thing

You can't stop its course

but it makes a heart sing, 

when that heart hears yours. 

Just as no one can stop the sun

rising in it's course. 

No one can make the moon freeze

in its silver orb. 

No one can make you feel love

that is not yours. 


Love is a strange and painful thing

when it isn't returned.

Alone, it makes your heart sing,

even while you urn


No one can make a flower grow.

No one can force a river to flow.

No one can make another hear

Their own love song.

Hearing your song is worth it all

even when you listen alone.


Because love is a strange and crazy thing.

It makes you heart, it makes your heart sing. 

Even if it isn't returned, 

love makes you whole. 


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. 


Until next time, 


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