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Winter Smith: London's Burning Releases Today!

April 18, 2016

Hello lovelies, 


Remember a couple of weeks ago we got to meet the stunning Jack Strange as part of Meet the Author? Well, his debut novel Winter Smith: London's Burning released today! I am eagerly starting it this week, want to read with me? 


Grab your copy here


Jack was wonderful enough to come back to see us with a character spotlight of Violet Black, who I have to say is the character I am most looking forward to getting to know. (What can I say, I have a thing for side characters!)

Without further ado, let's get on to this keen character spotlight!


Who is Violet Black?


Violet Black is a character from Winter Smith: London's Burning, and is the first survivor Winter meets. She is seventeen and lives her life in poverty in Borehamwood. 


Did she have a job before London Burned?

Violet has had a tough upbringing. She lived her first years on the street, after her father left her family and her mum was too broke to work. Eventually, Violet turned to prostitution, to earn money to fend for her family and keep them alive. When she had earned enough money, Violet bought them a flat in Borehamwood, and when her younger brothers came along Violet upped her hours, spending more time with strangers than with her own family. 


What is her family like?

Violet doesn't know her father, and when her mother is diagnosed with cancer Violet knows that eventually she will have to be a mother to her younger brothers. She struggles, but knows she needs to keep her family going, so keeps working in prostitution in a hope to get her family a better life. 

What is Violet like?

Violet is incredibly headstrong. She is rude, blunt and can sometimes come across as selfish and careless. However, Violet puts on a front, to appear stronger than she actually is. She does it as a defence mechanism, because she has been hurt so much before she doesn't want to be hurt again. Underneath her tough exterior, Violet is hurting. 


Does she get along with Winter?

She gets along with Winter, but Winter is completely opposite to her. Winter is everything Violet hates, and is jealous of, so sometimes the pair come to blows. 


Has Violet ever been in love?

She hasn't, but when she meets Zach Delhaware, Violet realises she is falling in love. However, she is scared. Everyone she has ever loved she loses, so she doesn't want to get attached to Zach, but she is finding it too hard. 



Wow, you have to admit, this is a character who will demand to be either loved or hated! I personally love a girl who can pull herself up by the bootstraps as Violet has and I am very much looking forward to how these two girls, who seem so very different, will manage to get along with the world falling apart around them. 


I submitted Winter Smith to the Addicted to YA group read for May. Come vote for it. 


Until next time, 


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