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Meet the Author Monday with Amit Bobrov

May 9, 2016

Hello Lovelies, 


Today we have a great treat, meeting with Amit Bobrov, an international author from the Middle East who is working on an exciting dark fantasy series The Journals of Raymond Brooks, with the first book already out and more to come! Let's get this started! 


Amit, thanks for joining us on An Angell's Life! 


Why do you write? 


Escapism: Growing up in the middle-east will do that to you. Even from early childhood I can remember needless violence, wars, missiles, explosions and pretty much the worst of human nature. It was never my fight, I didn't choose this. Combined with a hyper-active imagination I began creating my own stories. At first as a Game Master to a local group of friends, then as a teenage boy trying to write. If there was one constant thing in all of my writing, is that there are no good guys and bad guys. Just innocents caught in the crossfire.


I find a lot of writers write to escape, though you are the first I have met who has a lot to escape from. Thank you for sharing with us! You mention that you GM Role-Playing Games. Do you feel that this effects your stories? How so? 


Being a GM influenced my stories a lot. Role-Playing is basically having your story as a sandbox, then you watch how the characters behave naturally without you as a writer directing them. If you take things seriously, and not just create a horde of nameless villains for the group to slaughter, and actually pose moral dilemmas. You'll get to see some wonderful things, like the rationalizations people make for making the evil choice and on a more global scale how a world with supernatural creatures will behave. I have over 120 players amongst a dozen groups. They all play in the same sandbox influencing each other, so I do social experiments on them and watch what happens.


I think role-playing games is about the only safe and (relatively) harmless way to do social experiments! It is also a great way to see other people's perspective and incorporate it into your writing. What has been your biggest struggle as a writer?


Wow...the biggest? I had quite a few...Struggling with Dyslexia was the first. I couldn't use punctuation marks or spell any word right. When I passed that and began writing seriously, I wrote terribly. I always say, if writing is a talent, I don't have it. After I finished about 900 pages in Word, I gave it to an editor who basically the idea is brilliant but the writing is so terrible I have to write it all again. So I re-wrote my first book from scratch twice. Then edited about thirty times. Then there was the next big struggle, finding an Agent and a Publisher. I met some scammers, and about a hundred rejection letters. When I finally found a didn't work I purchased my rights again, hired another editor and published the 2nd edition on my own. Now I've got the struggle of marketing, but I don't let it get to me. I write because it's what I love to do. I don't expect to be rich and famous, and I don't think I'm Shakespeare, or the next Tolkien.

You are in good company! Louis L'Amour says he is not a writer, he is a story teller! He gives all the credit to his editors too. Still, storytelling is probably the most important part of being a writer. What books have you published to-date?



"The Journals of Raymond Brooks", and I'm almost finished with the sequel "The Rise of Raymond Brooks"


What is one thing you want readers to know about you?


I'm not interesting or important. Read books, write, or do whatever makes you happy.


Well, I humbly have to disagree with you on that. I think you are awesome and I am really looking forward to reading The Journals of Raymond Brooks!  You can grab a copy from Amazon.


Thank you for joining us today Amit. 


If you would like to keep up with Amit, he has a great blog on writing

Want to learn more about his series? Follow the series on Facebook, or Follow Amit on Goodreads









Until next time, 


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