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Book Review: The Song and The Pendant by Magnus Von Black

May 11, 2016

Hello Lovelies,


Guess who was in the Science Fiction and Sub-genres issue of Silverlight Cafe May Newsletter? Yup, this girl! You should definitely go and check it out. 


Today we are reviewing a book that I so thoroughly enjoyed reading, so let's get right to that!


Genre: Sci-fi/ Fantasy


Synopsis: The Song and the Pendant is an epic science fiction romantic fantasy comedy; a pseudo-fictional work of archaeological theology and speculative futurist super-hero quasi-Victorian space drama that will shatter your expectations, and possibly even your heart. This is the typical age-old tale of girl meets boy, boy is gay, space vortex almost kills them, girl goes to opera, boy and girl get sucked into interstellar time war, girl punches dinosaur, boy meets other boy, girl throws piano at super villain, Jesus discusses his favorite band, the creation of the universe is at least partially explained... you know, just your average, run of the mill science fiction romance time travel dragon karate super power nanotechnology love story about a girl who doesn't get along with her dad. It is the tale of Clara Edmonds, recent college graduate, and an independent, internally romantic young woman faced with a difficult choice between a career imagined for her by her parents, and the insistent dictates of her spirit. Her willingness to obey these mandates of passion and purpose will lead her on an adventure far beyond her intended destination of San Francisco, and even beyond our world. This is a tale of passion, of opera, of lost loves and strange wars which span vast chasms of space and time. It is a whirling, violent, and quietly beautiful poem through which we experience her deliciously naive feelings for an enigmatic pianist from another planet. It is at times a kaleidoscopic dirge in which we are stung by her anger and fear as she punches a dinosaur in the face, and hurls a grand piano at a well-mannered, super powered butler in the employ of a time traveling, psychopathic, warrior aristocrat. This is a triumphant ballad of human culture in which grown men fall in love, a flying priestess vaporizes a mansion with her eyeball lasers, portals to hell are opened, and two ageless masterminds engage in a ruthless shadow war of archaeology, religion, physics, and brute preternatural force. Most importantly, this is the origin story of the greatest and most powerful super hero in the history of human literature.


My Thoughts: As you can tell from the synopsis, this author is very cheeky and intellectual. This book is huge, at 246,000 words, but every single word was worth it! This is a perfect example of a book that needed to be self-published because if the traditional publishers had gotten their hands on it, they would have chopped it up, or forced it into two separate books. 


But it was practically perfect in every way. Mr. Von Black is a remarkable story teller. He creates wildly fantastic, yet entirely imaginable worlds that expand your imagination. His characters are so fleshed out and real that I felt like I was meeting people I would want to be my best friends!


There is a Dr. Who-ish feel that didn't call to fan fic, but certainly would appeal to all you lovely Whovians! He has created a nerdgasm of superheros, hard sci-fi, delightful fantasy, romance, action, adventure, and music. A grand battle between good and evil always wins my heart, but when you blend all the remarkable elements that Mr. Von Black uses and pepper it with poetic elegance and intellectualism, I am in love! As you know, I have a minor obsession with words. Mr. Von Black introduces me to a slew of new words, which left me straight up giddy! 


To be fair, it wasn't perfect. There were a few points where the editing fell flat. Because the book was so remarkable, these moments really pulled me from the brilliant prose. At the same time, it was worth the few errors I found to keep reading. 


If you love Dr. Who, X-men, Merlin, Princess Bride, and He-man, then you definitely have to get this book. There were several points where this book reminded me of the above, and yet still is this delightfully original tale. There really isn't much more that I can say without giving too much of the story away. Oh, except this: The scene in the chapel crushed me! I would love to see that in a movie one day! 


Go grab your copy today, for only $2.99, and let me know what you think when you finish reading it! 


Until next time, 


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