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Meet the Author Monday with Sally Thomson

May 30, 2016

Hello Lovelies, 


I have met another awesome author through An Angell's Life, and am excited to introduce you to Sally Thomson, who lives on 50 acres with her husband, Border Collies, sheep, goats, chickens, koi fish, and a cat. She teaches Pre-K at a local school. Writing has always been an important part of her life; she published her first novel a couple of years ago. She has two books out now and is working on two more.


Let's get to the interview! 


How are you?

I am feeling bold and brave and twitchy and terrified all at the same time. I just resigned from my 15 year teaching job and don’t have a fixed plan for what I’m going to do! I wish I could say the plan is to write full time, but unfortunately I’m not there yet.


That is a scary step, especially when you need some income coming in. It takes time to build a readership! Best of luck with this exciting new phase of your life!


What is the current book you are promoting?

I have two books out so far, and am planning a giveaway on the second, “Reservations”, which is a sequel to the first, “Lunch Date”. The stories revolve around Meagan, a teacher, and her entanglement with FBI agent Jack Stilwell. There’s romance, action, and suspense all included.


I love entanglements with law enforcement! I do the same thing in Clear Angel Chronicles, but mine is a cop.  

 What is your next project?

I have two books I am working on; a third in the “Lunch Date” series and a sci-fi/western that I am really excited about.


Sci-fi Westerns?! Such a super genre. I fell in love with them after Firefly.


 What is one place you would like to visit and why?

I would love to go to Ireland. That has always been a place and a people who intrigue me. I feel like it would be a wonderful atmosphere to write in too!

For sure. My husband's job opened a branch in Ireland and we would love to go some day. 


 Who is your favorite fictional character and why?

This is a tough one; I have lots of favorites. I just finished rereading “To Kill A Mockingbird”, so I have to mention Atticus Finch. He embodies all the sterling characteristics like honesty, fairness, and reliability yet at the same time has failings like every human has.

            Another character I like just as much is Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. I have always wanted to live like him; wandering wherever the mood took me, with nothing to tie me down. I’m nowhere near as tough as he is though, which is another characteristic I admire in him. Reacher can handle anything, and does so with his own brand of justice. He is an honorable man who defends the rights of others.

I admire the sense of honor both characters display and also their sense of self. Both men are confident in their abilities when circumstances push them to rely on their own judgement to solve a problem.


Some great characters for sure! 

Well, thank you so much for joining us today on Meet the Author. 

If you would like to learn more about Sally and her books, visit her website Writing Life TX,

To keep up with what is happening with Sally, visit her blog Sally's Chicken Scratch

Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

To keep up with her latest releases, follow her Amazon page


Wanna try her books?  You can grab Lunch Date and Reservations from Amazon


See her reading recommendations on Goodreads    


What book are you interested in reading? 


Until next time, 


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