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Meet the Author Monday with Lee Newman

June 6, 2016

Hello Lovelies, 


It is so exciting to have Lee joining us on the blog! Some of you may, or may not, remember when I did a review of his children's book over on Books4Me or when I reviewed his short horror story Eat. 

I have enjoyed Lee's writing for quite some time now, so I am thrilled to introduce you to this awesome author! 


In Lee's own words:


"I was born in Greenwood, SC. I enjoy horror and humor in all formats. The first book I ever wrote, at the tender age of 7, was also self-illustrated and featured a very hungry leech. I have a lovely wife and a little dog that likes to sit in my lap while I write and spell-check my work."






Well, now that we have whet your appetite, let's get to the interview!

Welcome, welcome, Lee. What is the current book you are promoting?


The final issue of the post apocalyptic robo alien 'splosion sci-fi epic, Sinthetic, is on the way. That's the brain child of the ever-talented illustrator Emil Koepcke with maybe a little help from me in the words department. It's been a blast making those books and the first three issues are all on comixology. There's also my children's book Creepy Kitchen that's a lot of fun for both parents and kids alike. If you like your humor with some not-so-scary monsters and tongue firmly in cheek, that one's for you.



I absolutely loved Creepy Kitchen. What inspired this book?


Creepy Kitchen's inspiration was my love of this old Sesame Street book The Monster at the End of This Book. It's a classic and my mom used to read it to me in her best Grover voice until she could hardly talk.




And what inspired your short horror stories?


The inspiration for my Gheist books came from my love of classic horror as depicted in tv, E.C. Comics, and short fiction. I love a bite-sized tale that still leaves you with a chill and sometimes a chuckle.


If you could have your book made into a movie, who would you want to direct it?


I would love to see Creepy Kitchen made into a Pixar movie. I've already got some ideas about how to flesh it out and even a few jokes to include. Pete Docter, has brought us some great Pixar movies. I'd definitely want him at the wheel for directing.


My boys and I would definitely get in line to see that opening day! Even though they have sort of outgrown Pixar movies, they still pull down Creepy Kitchen and are excited to share it with new friends every time we move. What is your next project?


 I'm working on so many things right now. I've teamed up with the excellent Finnish writer Hannu Kesola for some really exciting comics in the crime fiction and horror genres. My upcoming personal projects are the inaugural releases in my Vincent Gheist series. One will be a horror comic anthology in the style of Tales from the Crypt from the old E.C. Comics era. The other will be a sort of companion prose  anthology that, while not exactly directly tied in, also features Gheist. It's crazy ambitious, if that's not too pompous to say. Really, ambitious here is just code for “Taking me a really long time to complete.” I think it will be a worthwhile read when it hits for any fans of Twilight Zone, Tales from the Crypt, and classic horror. I've also got a project coming up that's kinda hush, hush, but it's going to be a whopper. If you're into monsters, science, and guts, you're gonna want to keep an eye out for Mandibles from insanely gifted artist Matt Bahr and myself.



I cannot wait! All these projects sound awesome! I remember when I was little, I would sneak out of bed and watch Tales From the Crypt. Great nostalgia. Where do you come up with your stories?


In the shower, driving, and at the day job office. Ideas always seem to come at the least opportune time to work on them. I've got so many cryptic notes in my phone, scraps scribbled on paper, and nonsensical phrases written on Post-its on my desk. I consider deciphering those encrypted messages to myself when I can finally sit down and work part of my writing process. “Epic banana ninja time travel romance penguin? What does that even mean?” Also, please buy the first book of my upcoming time travel romance trilogy, Banana Ninja: The Penguin Chronicles. It's in the extremely speculative fiction section.


Ha, Ha! Even that sounds entertaining. Knowing your fantastic snark and wit, it would be much deeper than it would seem off the top of one's head. 


Thank you so much for joining us today Lee. It has been a true pleasure. 


Are you snagged by this authors fun and wild wit? Then be sure to get more 144 character doses of Lee on twitter @RavenWritinDesk  and on Facebook.


Interested in learning more about Lee's comic books? Check him out on Comixology


Grab your copy of Creepy Kitchen today! 



Until next time, 


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