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What if Family is not the Ties that Bind?

June 8, 2016

Hello Lovelies,


I am so enjoying time with my mom. I have really missed that woman! Talking on the phone, and even via Hangouts, is just not the same as true face-to-face. As Sheldon of the Big Bang in season 4 episode 1 says:


Sheldon- And you don’t think I can achieve the required intimacy via text messaging?

Penny: Probably not.

Sheldon: Huh. It would appear as if the phone companies have been lying to me.


One of my sisters and her awesome crew joined us as well. My hubby brought out his mad cooking skills and good food ensued. It has been great. 


But, as inevitably happens at any gathering, old stories and sibling rivalries arise. And I am tired.

My sister is frustrated because she doesn't understand why we can't all get along. Her religion teaches the importance of family. 


And I agree, family is important. But I don't think that blood is what makes family. It is a tie all it's own that goes far deeper than blood ties. 


My brother and I, who are significantly younger than the older four, have several very close and special friends who my children have grown up calling Auntie and Uncle. Those friends are my soul sisters and brothers. Are we all alike? No, but we have common experiences that tie us together, and a tie that ensures that if any of them called needing help, I would be there for them no matter what. I know if I called asking for help, they would be there for me. 


Unfortunately, I don't feel that same connection with my blood siblings. Perhaps it is because they are much older and we didn't really grow up together like typical siblings. Perhaps it is because, as one sibling put it, "If it weren't for the fact that we were family, then we wouldn't associate at all." 


I have noticed that in my series' I focus a lot on family, but that family is rarely related through blood. I couldn't help but ponder that connection to my writing as I spend some time with some of my family. 


What are your thoughts? Do you have family that isn't blood? Do you have blood relatives who you feel you would never associate with if it weren't for that blood bond? Do you wish your family could be closer, or do you wish they would just leave you alone? 


Share in the comments below. 


Until next time, 


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