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Meet the Author Monday with Charlene Jones

July 18, 2016

Hello Lovelies, 


Today we have the wise and wonderful Charlene Jones with us. I had the privilege of meeting Charlene during the B2B Cycon back in April and she is a delight! 


Well, I will turn the time over to Charlene!



Hi Heidi and thank you for this opportunity to appear on your website. I am so pleased to be here.


One of the questions you asked me is what place I might like to visit and I have to say, Greece. It would be a return since I first put foot on Greek soil in 1971 while traveling with my high school friend.


Tim and I had spent a difficult time in Turkey, and jumped at the chance to join a young American named Jeffrey in his VW van. You have the picture in mind, I’m sure, complete with bell bottoms, embroidered shirts, and hearts full of visions.


We crossed through Thessalonika, with Jeffrey and Tim filling my mind with battles won and huge victories, but what I recall most vividly was singing. I believe we sang “every song that driver knew,” to quote Janice Joplin.


The light in Greece refracts differently, with more clarity and more vibrant colors than anywhere else. The Aegean Sea slaps fast and high over splotches of algae that bloom green, purple, aqua, sky blue, sending colors ricocheting through your eyes.


The Greek people at that time had such a relaxed attitude, Den Peirazie, they’d say, meaning “later, don’t worry now.” They encouraged me, a tightly wired young North American to relax and have fun, enjoy the great food, music and natural beauty. It was a great trip.


You posed an intriguing question with which person in history I’d like to have been. I’m not sure I’d like to have been her, but Eleanor of Aquitane, with her bare-breasted aristocratic women flying the English flags high above their war clad horses, marching down upon Henry the 2nd as he prepared to go Crusading in the Middle East, that moment has a particular appeal. She did join her husband in his Eastern quest and created more historic stir when she conjured a traitorous plot, with their sons, against Henry. Her motives? Some say jealousy since Henry’s wandering eyes had lit upon a young lady of the Court.


From writing, what great lesson have I learned? To keep learning. Although I have graduate degrees in teaching writing and therefore have studied writing from many sides and angles I’m open to learning what others have discovered since my University days. So many people now teach writing, we are very fortunate.

I feel particularly blessed since with so many others engaged happily in teaching writing, I feel free to just get on with the writing.

If I might never write again I’d relapse to my pre-writing position: Chief Story Teller. I love to tell stories, and have been told I do so fairly well.


That is one thing about me, although  you have asked for something unique. I think I’ll save my response to this for my memoir, due out in early 2017. It’s called My Impossible Life. Read it and you’ll understand the title.


Thanks again Heidi for this fun opportunity and I look forward to working with you on this year’s B2BCyberCon! We had so much fun last year. Cheers for now!



Thank you for joining us, Charlene! A pleasure, as always! This woman's power

 of description is vivid, right? Want to learn more about Charlene Jones? Visit her website at Soul Science and check out her books, The Stain, a novel, and Medicine Buddha/Medicine Mind a non-fiction work.


Until next time, 


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