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What Would You Like To See Next?

July 27, 2016

Hello Lovelies, 


Well, I have been getting some feedback from many different places on what I should work on next, so here I am compiling a short list of proposals for you to vote on. I really do appreciate your input! All of these projects are projects I am passionate about, so it makes it really hard for me to choose! Let me know your thoughts. 



As you know, The urban fantasy series, The Hunters, which is a series for those who believe vampires should be killed, not kissed, is getting the second book released this fall (Just before Halloween, quite fitting, right?!)


So we currently have The Hunters 



And The Hunted will be out soon. 


Shall I get started on the third book in this series? 



Or, I also have two books out in my paranormal detective series The Clear Angel Chronicles


Shall I get started on the third book, which is beating around in my head? 










I also have the second book in the YA contemporary literary series Hell School, which is a project I am very passionate as it is based on my real life experiences. 


But then one of my fans asked "Hey, whatever happened to that Zombie/ contagion book you did for Nano a few years ago?" Well, long story short, I lost it in the move. I was going to re-write it, but then it felt like Zombies were being over-done and taking a turn to ROMANCE... Um, so yeah. I figured I would try it again in a decade or so when people came back to their Zombies-are-for-killing senses! But what are your thoughts? I have seen some good slash-um Zombie books come out just this year. I'll let you decide?


Lastly, someone proposed a poetry book based on all the poems I share. Anyone else want a poetry book? 


Let me know what ideas make you giddy, what you wouldn't mind, and what you absolutely hate, in the comments below! 


Until next time, 


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