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Poetry Corner: The Angels Took You Away

September 23, 2016

The angels came and took you away.

 There were no more games to play. 


They took my love away from me.

A light from heaven was all I could see.


Now my tears are running over, 

Down the valleys, through the clover.


I was never so hurt in all of my life.

The pain is stabbing like a sharp knife. 


Why it had to be you, I don't know.

I guess it was your time to go.


I prayed that it was only a dream,

but it is real, or so it seems. 


I thought it would be over for me. 

They wanted you, so it had to be. 


I know I'll see you again soon. 

Maybe I'll come to you in this tune. 


Then we'll be together forever.

We won't be parted again, ever. 



I've been on a bit of an Angel Kick. 


Oh, also, one quick thing! If you have kids that love to read, author Joshua Robertson and his crew are doing a really neat book giveaway, AND your kids can get a chance to be in a neat 2 minute video promoting literacy! They want you to catch your kids reading (bonus points if it's Halloween themed!) and submit the images to them for the video. Sound fun? Submissions are due by October 10th. You can learn more on their website


Until next time. 


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