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Book Review : Fable Haven Brandon Mull

January 20, 2016

Hello Lovelies! 


So I have something fun to share. My youngest son has decided that he would like to post book reviews on the site. How can I deny his desire to share the books he loves with the world? He has decided that he wants to post under the name Angelic Valdez, so keep an eye out for his future book reviews! Here he goes!


Genre: Midgrade fantasy adventure


Synopsis: Unaware that their grandfather is the current caretaker of Fablehaven, Kendra and her brother, Seth, venture into this magical land filled with dangerous and plotting witches, imps, and fairies.


My Take: It's a very interesting book. This book contains an endless thirst for more Fable Haven books. It's a very peculier book adding magical creatures along with fun things such as faires turning to imps after not being outside for a whole night. I love how they made the beginning very interesting. Their parents have to go on a cruise because of a dying wish of their parent's mom and dad, Grandpa and Grandma Larsen, so they send their son and daughter Seth and Kendra with their other grandparents Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson. While the parents, Scott and Marla, are off on the cruise; Seth and Kendra are at their grandparents house and they are thinking that it will be a very boring stay. But when they get there Grandpa Sorenson told them "Do not go into the woods" and showed them to their rooms. After showing them to their rooms, he gave Kendra a set of keys and left. Kendra eventually figures out everything the keys go to and find a book with 3 key holes and got those 3 keys. After hard work she opened the book to find it was a journal. The journal contained secrets about a preserve called Fable Haven which held all sorts of dangerous creatures and friendly creatures. Devious little Seth went around the rules and did exactly the opposite of what their grandpa instructed and went exploring deep into the woods where he found an ivy-covered shack and an old woman nawing on an old piece of rope with 2 knots left. She invited him inside and Seth said no. She invited him to put his hand in the box to prove his "boldness" and he said no again and ran for the yard. Meanwhile Kendra was flipping through the pages of the journal and found only 3 words "Drink the milk". Dale, a person helping manage the property, would put milk behind bushes so she decided to ask Dale why he put milk behind the bushes he said to keep the butterflies here. She wanted to drink the milk, but Dale said it was unpastrized and raw. She eventually waited for Dale to leave and drank the milk and it was like a new world appeared. The butterflies where not butterflies at all,  but little women with wings.


To learn more buy the book on Amazon or learn more about Brandon Mull's books on his website


Until next time,


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