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Book Review: One Night Stan's by Greg Sisco

January 27, 2016


Genre: Thriller/ Dark Humor

Synopsis: Welcome to Scud City -- The Worst Town in America. Scud is the kind of cesspool that's heaven if you want good drugs, dirty sex, and a nightly brush with death, and hell if you want anything else. And of all the decaying brothels and meth-spas in the city of dead dreams, One-Night Stan's is the last place any distinguished human would set foot, the kind of sleazy strip club where the floors are linoleum, the air is cigarette smoke, and the night isn't over till somebody's a corpse. Over the course of one excruciatingly long night, two college students stumble across an orange duffel bag stuffed with hundred-dollar bills and they find themselves the target of a coke-fueled night club owner, a vicious nymphomaniac stripper who gets her jollies slicing extremities off others with a butterfly knife, and a Russian bouncer who once ripped a man in half "the long way." As their wild night goes progressively off the rails, their paths cross with an unprofessional and strangely hostile FBI agent who has arrived in town on the trail of a serial killer--a serial killer who has been carving up dancers on a cross country tour of seedy strip joints, but who may have just stumbled into the wrong club.

My Take: Now, generally speaking I am not a fan of erotica (I mention this because Amazon lists this under erotica) and I despise books with misogynistic tendencies. I didn't find the book particularly erotic, but misogyny abounds! The dark humor kept me reading, despite the misogyny. There was only one character, I might have liked if we had gotten to know him better. I pretty much despised all of the main characters, and thoroughly enjoyed despising them. This author is definitely dark and left me with a happy ending, pun intended!

Warning, Sisco takes a frank and dirty look at the Skud of the earth in this story. There is violence, sex, and lots of language. This is not a read for people with sensitive palates, but it does paint a morbid tale and takes a very philosophical look at people, cause and effect, and the dark underbelly that exists in humanity. A fascinating read. If you would like to try this dark comedy/ thriller you can purchase it on Amazon






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