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Thoughtful Thursday Character Spotlight Jacqui Spadros of Patricia Loofborrow's Jacq of Spades

October 27, 2016

Hello Lovelies, 


As you may recall, we had the privilege of meeting Patricia Loofborrow the end of September, and then I posted the review of Jacq of Spades the first part of October (If you missed it, check it out. Totally loving this Series!) Well, today Patricia has been so wonderful as to provide us a bit more insight into her leading lady with a Character spotlight:



Name: Mrs. Jacqueline Spadros (nee: Kaplan)
Nicknames: Jacq, Jacqui

Born and raised in the Spadros Pot, a notorious slum, which is without basic services such as sanitation, power, or trash pickup. The main industry is the sex trade.

Mother: Fanny Kaplan, brothel owner in the Spadros Pot
Father: Peedro Sluff, Party Time addict and liquor store owner 
Husband: Mr. Anthony Spadros, heir to the Spadros Family crime syndicate

Siblings: none

Age at start of the story: 22
Eyes: "peacock blue"
Hair: "curly, reddish-brown"
Skin: "light brown"
Average height and build

Education: Initially trained in the sex trade by her mother - along with the other children in the Pot - but wasn't allowed to work, because her mother told her their mysterious benefactor, The Masked Man, wouldn't like it. Learned to pickpocket, open locks, and to do other useful things as she got older. Trained in knife fighting by her friend Josephine Kerr, who also grew up in the Pot.

No formal education until the age of 12, when she was sold to the Spadros Family by Peedro Sluff. Groomed to assist her future husband in the running of the Business. Also trained in shooting and other means of killing by her father in law Roy Spadros.

Motivations: Jacqui loves puzzles, and won't let one rest until she solves it. She also has a need to help others, even if it puts her at risk. But her greatest need is for autonomy.  When she's stressed, she feels trapped and wants to run.



Traumas: When she was 12, saw her best friend killed in     Photo credits:                                                  front of her as he tried to save her from being sold. Card - public domain via Wikipedia                                    Blackmailed into marrying, and told if her husband ever Girl in the ruins - public domain via Pixabay                        finds out their marriage isn't consensual she'll be killed.

Femme fatale - Martin de Witte photo of

Elsemieke Arodn (CC by 2.0


Strengths: Excellent shot with a pistol. Fast runner. Analytical and can think fast when she needs to.


Weaknesses: Heavy drinker and smoker. Has PTSD and Stockholm Syndrome. Tends to act without thinking when emotionally engaged. Is loyal beyond when she should be. Sometimes doesn't know how to act in her new world.



What do you think about Jacqui? What else do you want to know about her? Share in the comments below, and maybe we will be lucky enough to have Patricia Loofborrow answer for us! 


Ready to grab this thrilling steampunk victorian detective fantasy? Jacq of Spades is available on Amazon for 99¢ in e-book and $9.99 for paperback! 


Until next time, 


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