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Meet The Good Girls Behind A Raven's Touch!

December 5, 2016

For those who may (or may not) remember, I did a review for Raven's Touch when it launched last year. This is a really fun book, and the author is hard at work on the sequel. She was kind enough to drop by and do a fun Character spotlight with us, so you can get to know Justice and Moira a bit better! 


Who are the two main characters behind A Raven's Touch? Best friends since childhood, Justice St. Michaels and Moira O'Fhey are the kind of girls who can look at each other and just know what the other is thinking. Not only do they have each other's backs in life, but even more so through their adventures facing bullying in high school and facing demons. 


What makes these girls tick? Let's find out!


Ladies, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions, but people want to know who are these heroes?


I wouldn't say we're heroes, we're just doing what's right.


Heck yeah we're heroes, come on Justice, we've kicked some demon butt. Yes, we're totally heroes, thank you for noticing. 


Justice, we've seen your heat and cold powers at work on your family's barn, what kind of powers do both of you have? 


Both look at each other and smile. 


If we tell you all our powers don't you think that would be counter productive to our safety? 


I will say this, yes I can summon fire and ice. In my True Form I can fly with angel wings and that's about all I'm going to admit to without endangering myself. There are still those who want to see me dead. 


Alright, I can respect that. What about your love lives? Both of you are in an inter-paranormal relationship. Will we hear wedding bells at some point? 


Both break out into laughter.


Um...maybe other girls, but we're not thinking anything like that just yet. Also, being in a relationship with a vampire is kinda tricky.  


I love a happy ending like anyone else, but we're only teenagers, a wedding is the furthest thing from my mind. 


What's next for you two?

I'm pretty sure surviving demon attacks and saving the world from the creatures of Hell keep us busy enough. 


Moira high fives Justice. 


We need to get Demon Kick Butt Crew t-shirts. 



This delightfully fun crew are getting a new cover and I am thrilled to reveal it to you here! 



Isn't that cover just gorgeous?! 


I am definitely looking forward to the release of the second book in the series. Justice and Moira are tons of fun! 


Want to keep up with Linda Bloodworth and the release of A Raven's Revenge? Follow her on Goodreads or on Facebook


Until next time, 


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