October 13, 2017

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Teaser Tuesday: Maximize Your Virtual Book Tour Masterclass

December 6, 2016

Hello Lovelies! 


Wow, my December is going to be tons of fun! I was talking with a group of awesome authors in Support for Indie Authors group on Goodreads, and they were asking for advice on hiring tour companies. Many lamented the lack of results from the tours they had paid for in the past. I can sympathize. I told them that I plan all my own tours, and that it is more than just getting your book on blogs, there is a lot that goes into creating a professional tour that tour companies just do not provide you. 


Well, my Goodreads inbox got FLOODED by authors wanting to know more. I was so overwhelmed by the response and realized that I could give all of these authors some generic tips, but there was a very real need to offer in-depth training. Blog tours can be very great tools, but only if they are done right. 


So I put out the idea of doing a Masterclass, and the positive response was great! I then took it to a couple of my Facebook groups, and again, got an overwhelming response of interest! So much so, that a publishing group that I am friends with asked me if I would be interested in doing a course for their author university that they are planning to launch in the Spring. Heck, yes! 


Many of the people interested said that they had to wait until after the holidays to do the course, but there were several who specifically asked me to do this tour before the holidays because they were planning a new launch the first of the New Year. 


So I am doing the first Masterclass the week of December 12th. I am taking on ten authors for the Masterclass. The class will consist of five emails covering the different steps in creating your own virtual book tour and will cover everything from the most beginner level (What's a Virtual book tour?), all the way to the pros who have been planning their own tours for awhile, but don't really know how to market their tours effectively. ( including the "I don't bother with Virtual book tours, because they don't result in sales" crowd.)


I will also offer two live training sessions where we will review in broad-strokes the materials covered, and authors will get a Q & A. session.  Last, but by no means least, the participating authors will get access to my list of over 1,000 book bloggers, book vloggers, and sites to promote discounted books. 


This Masterclass will only cost $60. Considering that the average tour ranges anywhere from $30 for a 10 stop tour to well in the hundreds of $$ for a six week tour (what I usually run for my new releases!) that is not a bad deal. 


If you are interested in taking this course, please email me, and let me know if you would like to do the December 12th Masterclass ( I will reserve your spot and send you the bill through Paypal.) or if you would like to be on the list for another Masterclass, and when you would be interested in doing that class. I have a feeling we will be doing a lot more in the future!  


If you have any questions about the class, feel free to ask in the comments below. 


Until next time, 


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