October 13, 2017

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Book Review: Warzone: Nemesis by Morris E. Graham

December 21, 2016


Genre: Military sci-Fi


Synopsis: WARZONE: NEMESIS" 8TH EDITION RELEASED 10/27/16. The sequel to this book, "Warzone: Operation Wolf Hunt" will be available November 20, 2016.This book is a an action and adventure, a military, and military science fiction book.


Warzone: Nemesis opens the files of the top-secret war for space, hidden behind the facade of a decades-long cold war between super-powers. The wrecks of two alien spaceships, and the larger disaster behind the wrecks, gives both the USSR and the USA the rudiments of space travel, and access to the element known only as alloy-x, the key to the interplanetary engines. Elite fighters recruited anonymously from Special Forces units join the battle between the two countries for supremacy in space, waged on the Moon, on Mars, and on the moons of the outer planets. To their planet, these men are dead, their histories erased from the record. Identified only by call signs, they engage in a life-and-death struggle far beyond the view of the public. Warzone: Nemesis is an action-packed opening novel to the Warzone series, a richly-detailed read for lovers of science-fiction and military fiction alike. Contrasting ideologies bring the underlying similarities between the commanders on both sides into sharp focus, adding depth to the story, and the levels of research that have gone into the book are clearly visible in the meticulous description of locales and technologies. Morris E. Graham creates comprehensive battle strategies and interesting psychological twists to keep the battles, and the story, moving along, while touching on some of the many ethical dilemmas that any war brings into the open.


My Take: I was really excited to read this book when I first got it! And when I dove in, it did not disappoint! Aliens crash landing on a Navajo reservation, the government sweeping in and spiriting it away, a super-secret program... so exciting! 


And then it kind of.. faltered. It switched gears and went from an awesome sci-fi to a more military-focused story. And just as I was getting settled into the military third person, it went to military first person. Another huge shift, and we don't meet the main character until we are 1/3 of the way through the book! 


And then there were more shifts after that. Every single one took me out of the story and threw me off kilter. Which is a shame because once I was able to get back into it, I really liked each section. It was just difficult to see it as a cohesive story. 


I loved so much about this book. The incorporation of the Navajo culture, not only at the beginning, but also later in the story. The very real portrayal of Vietnam which led into the seemingly realistic method of recruitment. I loved how the conflict of the Cold War on Earth, fed into the Space Age expansion, and conflicts in space, which beautifully mirrored the real-world events of the time period. 


I loved Cowboy and Maj Seal. In some ways, their story went too fast! I loved the personal conflict between Kahless and Tkachenko. I absolutely loved the connection between Kahless and Blaze. I loved the amount of research that the author did into chess, boxing, karate, and the science behind terraforming.


I didn't like how character's names kept changing, the fast pace of characters coming and going, the inconsistent flow. I felt like there were some characters who I could really have gotten attached to, but wasn't really given the opportunity. I didn't care for the contrived relationship between Kahless and Pastukhova. I hated how the story ended. If it had ended after the boxing match, it would have left enough curiosity to want to pick up the next book, without losing too much. 


Last note: This book had a lot of errors in it, and that was incredibly distracting. I was really surprised as this was the 8th edition of the book. Wow. This is one of those books that I think would have seriously benefited from a publisher. There is a great concept here, but it lacks focus. The editing was slipshod. 


I doubt that I will be reading the sequel. 


Would you like to check out Warzone: Nemesis for yourself? You can get it on Amazon through Kindle Unlimited, or in paperback. 


Until next time, 


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