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Author Interview with Sara Caudel

January 6, 2017

Hello Lovelies,



Today we are meeting another awesome author! Sara Caudell grew up in a small ranching community in Colorado where she learned to judge beef on the hoof and under wrap.  After moving around the country for her husband’s career and catching college courses as she could, she finally found herself in one place long enough to finish her degree. She was an artist, raised three children, managed offices, and started her own business before weaving her stories and experiences into novels. She now lives in central Texas with her patient husband and four cats.  In her spare time she does genealogy and historical research and nurses orphan kittens back to health for the local animal shelter.


Anyone who loves animals, is someone I will definitely love! Let's get to the interview!

Welcome to An Angell's Life, Sarah, What is the current book you are promoting?  Trail of Defects. A Cold


Springs Mystery, It is one of four books about the small ranching community in Colorado. Several crimes are committed with an unusual ending.


Ooh, sounds exciting! Who is your favorite character in your book and why?  I like most of my characters. In Trail of Defects my favorite would be Sheriff Jim Hobson he is patient and wise fifty-two-year old, He lacks an inch of being six feet tall,  has a stout build, brown hair with hints of grey on both temples caused mostly by being sheriff of Cimarron County for the last eighteen years. 

          My readers get involved with certain characters and are happy when they discover that a suspect is innocent. I get excited when they root for a certain bartender or bouncer, just because they like him or her. The characters I like most, I’ll bring back in another book.


I do love lawmen! Sheriff Hobson sounds like a good one! What is your next project? Internet dating with a twist or two or three.


Sounds appropriate for internet dating! What one person from history would you like to meet and why? I am a history buff so it’s hard to pick only one.  Can I have three?  They are all Supreme Court Justices: Thurgood Marshall, Earl Warren and John Marshall. I like Constitutional and legal interpretations and I would love to hear them argue certain clauses of the Constitution.


Sounds like you like law folks too! How do you write your books? I spend a lot of time procrastinating; I call this my “period of incubation”. Then I send my husband out of town for several days order a large pizza and brew a large pot of coffee. I write the basics of the story (usually around 40,000 words.)  When he gets back, I go over it again and fill it out with more description and fill in any holes in the plot adding another 40,000 to 50,000 words.


Sounds like your incubation period is well worth the wait! What is the best compliment you have received about one of your books?  “I know that guy!” and “I want to live in Cold Springs.”


Ha, ha, that is awesome! Thanks for joining us Sara! Are you as intrigued as I am and want to learn more? Visit Sara's website at 

Web site:


Want to read some of her books? They are available on Amazon, ibooks, B&N, KOBO or in paperback from Createspace.


You can follow Sara on Twitter @caudellsara  Facebook  Sara Caudell-Cold Springs, Amazon   and Goodreads.


Until next time, 


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