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Thoughtful Thursday

January 12, 2017

Hello Lovelies, 


There is so much excitement popping up here next week! I have several exciting new release announcements from authors, am participating in several Facebook takeovers, and gearing up for the book tour for The Hunters re-release, as well as hard at work on the launch tour for The Hunted! 


I think that a lot of authors publish first of the year, as part of a new year's resolution, maybe! It has been frenetic! I have gotten invited to dozens of events in the last three weeks, and have felt bad at having to decline quite a few. 


But it got me to thinking. Last week I participated in a Facebook takeover and even though over 750 people were invited, only around 85 said they were going. During the whole event, I only saw about 4 people actually engaging regularly and (because I'm a bit of an old hat at this whole author marketing thing) I noticed that the vast majority of participants were authors. (I only know of four people who attended the event that were not authors.) 


So this got my thoughtful self wondering. What do you as readers think of these things? 


Do you get excited and follow along on blog tours? Do you enjoy going to Facebook takeovers? Are bookish scavenger hunts and puzzles fun? 


I ask because sometimes I think we authors have a hard time separating our reader selves from our author selves. 


I used to do cover reveals over here because I saw them on tons of blogs and thought that's what readers liked. But I never liked them. I thought they were stupid. I looked at the traffic on the blog, and I recognized that my audience at the time also didn't seem to care for them. So I stopped doing them. 


I get a hit and miss response on author interviews, but I see a lot of you reading the sneak peeks, the character spotlights. I encourage authors to do those. But authors like to do interviews. If I didn't get a decent response from them, I wouldn't do them. But I don't do more because I recognize that about half of you don't really care for them. 


But with events away from my blog, I can't look at stats to see what you think. So I am left with asking you. And hey, the whole reason this blog is here is to entertain you, the readers. So let me know. What types of author engagement do you like the most? What do you like the least? 


Share in the comments below!


Until next time, 

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