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Book Review: The Fell by Lyndsey Harper

January 18, 2017

Genre: Dark Fantasy


Synopsis: After the brutal death of his mentor, Leer Boxwell's only desire is vengeance. However, his belief that the murderer is the mythical Grimbarror has made him the laughing stock of the Vale. When Leer witnesses the beast steal away the princess in an unexpected attack on the royal city, he volunteers to hunt the creature. Battling self-doubt and ridicule, while struggling to control a mysterious power within that he does not fully understand, Leer must decide whether his convictions are worth the sacrifice the Fell demands.


My take: I was honored to get a pre-release copy of the book for review. (It goes live today!) This is an intense story with a lot of mind games that tease the reader and leave you guessing what will happen next. Although there is this quest and an epic feel to it, the whole tone is very dark (hence my classification.) 


I miss reading good old fashioned fantasy with a whole fictional world and fun new creatures and legends. The Fell doesn't disappoint! Although the main characters are human, they exist in a world that is quite different from ours. (Though the similar creatures are fun to guess what their "real world" counterparts would be!) 


I liked Leer, for the most part. He is your typical fantasy hero: chivalrous, better than his position in society, a dreamer, and a believer. I did find the nature of his relationship with Astrid a bit cliche, but not too terribly forced. I absolutely love the contrast between him and the Lieutenant, who you would think would be more chivalrous, given his position. 


I also appreciate the ending (another reason I feel it fits better in Dark, than in Epic) but I won't give it away. Needless to say, this was an excellent debut for a new author. Look forward to the next book! 


The Fell is having a release day party, and you are welcome to join us on Facebook! I will be there, promoting The Hunters Saga, at 4 pm EST and there will be tons of awesome authors gathering to celebrate Lyndsey's accomplishment, and offering up cool giveaways. Hope to see you there! 


Until next time, 


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