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Meet the Author Monday with Chris Botragyi

February 6, 2017

Hello Lovelies,


Another exciting author for you today! Chris Botagyi is 42, and currently resides in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, and Blurred Vision is his first published novel. He is a multi-published poet, published in such Anthologies as 'A Clock Strikes 13' by Forward Poetry. 


He is currently studying an English Language/Literature degree and volunteers at an alternative school as an English teaching assistant.


He loves football, reading, movies, music and fashion - oh, and aliens! It will definitely be fun getting to know him a bit better, am I right?


Hello, Chris. Welcome to An Angell's Life. What is the current book you are promoting? 



Blurred Vision is my first published novel. It's a science fiction horror thriller with some very unique and original twists. It's about six men who wake aboard an alien ship amidst an invasion. Fear, paranoia and the crumbling of the human psyche follow before we get the back stories for each individual character, and how they arrived upon the craft.


Ooh, sounds awesome! I can't wait to read it. What inspired this book? 


As a massive fan of such books and films, I was sick of seeing humans miraculously defeat such intelligent beings so easily, and skipping off into the sunset! I wanted something dark and disturbing, something that really plays on the mind of the reader; a story where there is bleakness, no hope and despair. It's fascinating how the human brain functions - to feel the emotions the characters go through is horrific.



That's how I felt when I watched Event Horizon. Who is your favorite fictional character and why?


That would have to be Anne Rice's 'Lestat' from her Vampire Chronicles. Her rich abundance of back stories, character descriptions and histories all show in her wonderful storytelling. A character that has it all, yet is never satisfied has him getting into all manner of precarious situations. Though Brett Easton Ellis' 'Patrick Bateman' from American Psycho is a close second!



Lestat is right up there with my favorites too! Where do you come up with your stories?


My brain is very active most of the time. I have many dreams and nightmares, yet these give me a plethora of material with which to utilise. If I could record my dreams and play them back, well, I would be a psychologist's dream patient!


Ha, ha. I have a recurring dream about a zombie apocalypse. When I shared it with my mom, she said "What a nightmare!" and I was like, "No, actually it was pretty cool!" Working on making it a book. Who is your favorite author? 


Tough choice. But I think it would have to be Anne Rice. Again, her rich tapestry of knowledge and creativity interweave to combine such memorable characters and scenery; it's almost as if you know these characters intimately. She's a real classy writer.



I love Anne Rice's early works, too. Had a hard time with her later books, though. Tell us something


unique about you:


I was involved in a massive paranormal case a few years back. It was horrendous what my friends and their family suffered - it almost gave them a breakdown. You wouldn't believe half of the stuff we witnessed. It got so bad that an exorcism had to be granted from the Vatican Church! 


Wowsa, talk about ideas for a story right there! Thank you for joining us, Chris! Would you like to learn more about Chris? You can follow him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram



Until Next Time, 


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