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On International Woman's Day, Top 10 Female Authors to Read This Year

March 8, 2017

Hello Lovelies, 


I was hoping to have another unboxing video today, but these darn ickies in my throat and nose decided to rear their ugly heads. I am beginning to wonder if it's the weather, or possibly psychosomatic. I thought I loved the camera, lol! But with that plan out the window, I went hunting for some other ideas and discovered that today is International Women's Day! I didn't even know that was a thing! Did you? 


There are plenty of women who are striking today, and who are pulling themselves out of the economy, for a Day without Women, but I was thinking that a better way to celebrate would be to recognize some amazing female authors. If you are striking today why don't you support a woman, buy her books, and read and review them! 


Of course, there are the heavy hitters in the traditional publishing world like J.K. Rowling, Sue Grafton and Suzanne Collins, but I want to highlight some new and upcoming talents. 


Here is my list of top ten female authors I want to read this year. 


1. Angela B. Chrysler- she has a wide range of offerings from dark fantasy to Zombies in Space. Go pick something and give it a try!


2. Lilian Oake- She mostly focuses in Ya and midgrade fantasy, but I am eager to read her awesome stories. 


3. A.F. Stewart- Anita offers a wide range of dark tales from fantasy to horror to dark poetry! 


4. Christie Stratos- I have done several panels with Christie and her Tales of a Darkened Heart is very intriguing! 


5. A.L Mabry- she has several short stories available, and is working on some full-length pieces. I follow her on Facebook and her dark sense of humor has definitely won me over!


6. Kayla Krantz- Another fantasy author with some PNR thrown in for good measure! 


7. Mara Reitsma is another who's fantasy has intrigued me! 


8. Ilana Maletz- I love that she writes about American Indians and am very excited to read Cha'risa's Gift. 


9. C.S. Lakin- I am actually reading a lot of her stuff of late, as I am a part of her Writer's Toolbox, but I want to delve into some of her fiction. 


10. Karina Kantas- Karina has a lot out in Thriller/ romance, which don't tend to be my categories of interest, but she does have a fantasy book that's on my TBR for this year already. Think I might give her other works a try! 


And bonus: Heidi Angell (Ok, shameless plug!) but I offer a little bit for everyone from children's books to Urban Fantasy and paranormal thrillers. 


Why am I making this list? Well, it's about more than International Women's Day. I was looking over my TBR, and my books read last year, and I realized that more than 2/3 of my reading lists are male. I asked myself why? My gut instinct was "Well, women don't tend to write stories I like. I gravitate towards science fiction, fantasy, and horror." and then I asked myself. Really, there aren't women writing in your fields of interest?


I had fallen into the classic belief that women tended to write in genres I don't find as interesting like PNR, Romance, drama, and Women's lit.


And I realized that I was very sadly mistaken. Now, I'm not going to go all feminazi and only read women's books. That would be a terrible shame as I have a ton of awesome male authors that I ABSOLUTELY love reading! But I feel like I need to give female authors as much of a chance as the men. So, I have added all these wonderful ladies to my TBR and will continue to actively seek out wonderful female authors in the genres I love. 


Who are some top female authors you would recommend? Let us know in the comments below! 


Until next time, 


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