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Teaser Tuesday: Need your Input on Infection Story

March 7, 2017

Hello Lovelies, 




So, I am heavily focused on my infection story and getting it ready for market (hopefully in May!) and I would like some input from everyone. Two questions up for debate at the moment.


The first is with the title.


It looks like this stand alone is turning into a series. (I know, I know, kick me! But I can't help it! There are just so many ideas for the story, and I am already at an obscene word length and only 1/3 of the way through the story!)


I was debating having the first book titled Survivalist Guide, and then have the series called Survivalist Bible, then again, I could do something like 


The Beginning of the End, a Survivalist Guide


Genesis: book 1 in the Survivalist Bible. 


I keep waffling back and forth. Which one appeals more to you? 

Or do you have some other suggestion? I am totally open to your ideas right now. 

The second piece of input that I need: 


This is a Horror/ Dark Fantasy/ Infection story, and a lot of those covers look something like what you're seeing on the left. 


I could do something like these for the cover, but the story line is a combination of survival notes that the narrator keeps in a journal that he found, and the actual story as told by him. 


My artsy-fartsy self kind of wanted to do a cover that LOOKS LIKE AN OLD JOURNAL with blood splatter, his "hand written" title, and then have his notes on survival hand-written like a journal (even changing the ink color to match whatever devices he might find to write with.) 


And have each book a different journal style, based on what he might find as they go along. 


My super creative self, thinking way down the line, thought it would be really cool to have the paperback box set sold strapped together by an old belt, or tied with twine. 


But my practical self says that I need to stick to a similar style as is common in the genre. I need to think more about how that will look as an e-book (as that's where most of my sales come from currently) and make sure that it is easy for e-readers.


Let me ask you, dear readers: would you be inclined to pick up a book with a cover like the journal idea as an e-book and/or as a paperback, or do you think it would feel too "cheap" looking? Should I go the safe route and pick a cover like the ones on the right that "fits the genre" and end up with a "normal" box set like the After set seen above?


I am so torn!! 


And at the end of the day, I write for the fans and create for the fans, so I figured you guys would be the people to ask. 


Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! 



Until next time, 


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