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Meet the Author Monday with Mackenzie Flohr

March 13, 2017

Hello Lovelies,


I am excited to introduce you to YA fantasy author Mackenzie Flohr, who grew up in the heartland of America, chasing leprechauns and rainbows and dreaming of angels. Her parents nurtured a love of fantasy and make-believe by introducing her at a very young age to the artistic and cultural opportunities that the city of Cleveland had to offer.


From the time she could hold a pencil, Mackenzie was already creating pictorial interpretations of classic stories, and by the age of nine, she and a childhood friend were authors and reviewers of their own picture books.


While following her love of adventure, Mackenzie found a second home, the Beck Center for the Arts Children's and Teen Theater School. It was there that a world of wonder was only a script and a performance away. Yet it wasn't until she was on a trip to Indiana, viewing a Lord of the Rings exhibit, that the innermost desire of her heart became clear to her. She wanted to write a fantasy of her own, one that could inspire imagination in others and lead them into a magical world of their own making. She hopes The Rite Of Wands will do just that.


Wherever we live and wherever we come from is our individual heartland. Anything is possible and everything can happen. Pure imagination is in all of us—we only need to discover it, and sometimes story telling helps.



How inspirational is that? Let's jump into the interview! Hello, Mackenzie, welcome to An Angell's Life. What is the current book you are promoting?


The Rite of Wands. It’s the first in a new YA fantasy series, coming out on March 10th in both paperback and eBook. It will appeal to fans of The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and actor Matt Smith.


You just named four of my favorite things! Who is your favorite character in your book and why?


Mierta McKinnon. He is a “discovery” character. Most of the time I have no idea what he is going to do in a scene, which makes writing his scenes fun and exciting! Plus without his character, there would be no Rite of Wands.


Nice! Who is your least favorite character and why?



Queen Anya. I have a hate/love relationship with her character honestly. I was actually inspired by Glenn Close’s Marquise de Merteuil in the 1989 film Dangerous Liaisons. I wanted to create a character who be successful in manipulation like she was, and I believe I have that. But why she’s my least favorite character? Probably because I cannot get through a scene between her and Mierta without them flirting with each other, which is wrong, wrong wrong!!!


Ha, ha, I LOVE Glenn Close! If you could have your book made into a movie, who would you want to direct it?


That’s a tough question. Hmm. I’d go with Andrew Ralph Adamson, Peter Jackson, Chris Columbus or Guillermo del Toro.


Ooh, some solid choices there. I love Peter Jackson. He is so good at staying faithful to the source material! If your book were made into a movie, who would you cast?


For my leads - Mierta McKinnon would be Matt Smith, Orlynd O’Brien would either be David Tennant or Ewan McGregor, and Lady Anya would be Lily James. 


That sounds like an amazing cast! Thanks for joining us today, Mackenzie! 


Would you like to get to know Mackenzie better? Follow her on Facebook, twitter, or check out her website. Want to learn more about The Right of Wands? Check it out on the publisher's website


Until next time, 


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