October 13, 2017

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Thoughtful Thursday: Poetry Books

March 16, 2017


Hello Lovelies, 


I am working on the first poetry collection. After popular discussion last week on the Facebook page, a couple of groups, and of course Goodreads, the title for the poetry collections will be A Penslinger's Ponderings. 


I am working on a cover, and have come up with a few examples.  


Cover Option 1


Cover Option 2

Cover Option 3



Cover Option 4



Cover Option 5



As you can see, I am working with two main images here. I really love the first one as it has a female "penslinger" pointing her pen at the audience. Although there is a mix of poetry in the book, there is a decidedly dark tone, so I thought this was great. My husband had a different opinion! So we are bringing it to the readers. Which image do you like better? 

I also provided several different font options. Which one do you like? And feel free to mix and match. For example, you can tell me: I liked image 1, the title font from 3, and the title color from 5, with the author name font and color from 2. (Or whatever it is that you like.) 


******POST UPDATE***************


So I put this out to several groups, a couple that are author support groups, and one author came back and kindly offered to design a cover for me aboslutely free. She then went on to create TWO options! (Thank you, Katie John, for your kindness and generosity!) So I am adding those two images to this vote as well. 


I really suck at this cover choosing thing, which is why I do so appreciate everyone's input. Ironically the cover I like most, has only gotten two votes. So I OBVIOUSLY need ya'lls help! 


Thank you so much for the help. It means the world to me! Oh, BTW, When the book comes out, you will definitely want to check out the dedication page ;) 

Here's Katie's cover designs. 

Cover Option 6


Cover Option 7


My goal is to have preorders available next week, and the book will launch in April for National Poetry Month #npm17! (Did you know that was a thing? I didn't until just the other day!)


So, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Until next time, 


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