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Teaser Tuesday: What I got from B2BCyCon 2017

April 11, 2017

Hello Lovelies, 


I rested most of the day Monday, ruminating on the mad dash that was B2B CyCon 2017 and let me tell you, my e-reader is overflowing from the awesome books I found, and my heart is overflowing from the amazing authors I met! 


I wanted to do a top ten, but we all know how much I struggle with that, right?! 


So instead, I am just going to mention some of my favorite things from Cycon. (I can't list all of my favorite things, because I would be here all week!) So much bookish goodness smashed into one amazing weekend! 


I have to say, Joe Live (or Joe's Bar) was amazing! Seeing all the authors, gettting to listen to them just geek out about so much fun stuff, was really awesome. If I was awake, I had this running on a tab while I perused all the other events and fun stuff at CyCon. 


My next favorite was probably the awesome scavenger hunts put on by the different genres. The Horror Genre did theirs as part of their blog hop, Walk Amongst the Monsters, and searching the author's websites for clues was so fun! A.F Stewart did a thrilling job! Science Fiction's started in their Facebook event, and Kylie Jude came up with a clever Alien Chase which was super fun! And the Fantasy Awaken the Dragon Scavenger hunt was epic! (BTW, this is still open through the end of the week, so go try it! Tons of fun!) 


There were amazing author interviews on Back Porch Writer, and I will probably be listening to these for the next couple of weeks! Kori does such fun interviews, where you really get to know the authors!


Each genre had some really amazing panels and I have enjoyed listening to them, and even sitting in on a few! You should check them out. There are panels for every genre


Story time was awesome, as always, with Karina Kantas and Angela B. Chrysler providing sample readings from authors at the convention. 


And the bulk of my weekend was spent wandering the author booths, or showcases, over on goodreads. Getting a sense of not only their book offerings, but also their personalities, their unique flare. It was a ton of fun! Between that and the Book Expo itself, I have so many amazing new books added to my TBR! I expect I'll spend the next couple of weeks enjoying all of the amazing stuff from CyCon 2017, and that is probably my favorite part. Yeah, the weekend dash, meeting all the authors, and getting to know everyone was awesome, but unlike real conventions, the adventures don't end now that the weekend is over. I don't have to feel like I missed out on the thousands of amazing things I haven't seen yet, because I will get to spend as much time as I want perusing at my own pace. I LOVE it! 


You can do the same, by visiting the CyCon website. 


And they've already committed to next year, which makes me so happy! If you want to get a reminder before the event next year, so you can join this incredible bookish weekend, then go ahead and sign up today.


Until next time, 


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