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Wacky Wednesday: The Line

April 12, 2017

Hello Lovelies, 

I have something a little different, perhaps even a little wacky, for you today. As many of my long-time followers know, I am an art junkie. Music, books, movies, TV, paintings, sculptures, dance, poetry, ... I really dig it all. The art of human expression is a delightful way to explore philosophically. 


Mostly, I focus this blog on the written art form, but every once in awhile something inspires me greatly, and I have to share. Here is an example. A fellow author friend has taken an amazing leap and written a screen play. Not only that, he has made some good connections in the indie film world and they are ready to seek funding for their project. I found it to be quite the compelling project, so I wanted to share with everyone. 


 On Friday April 7th an Indiegogo campaign to collect production funds for The Line will start it’s six month long drive. The Line is written by Jin Okubo, author of Love, and will be directed by Jimmy Lee, founder of the Unity Film Festival. Production is scheduled to take place this fall at a derelict farm in California. The Line is a psycho thriller about a group of murders that the FBI believes are all related to the same person, an unnamed and unknown serial killer.


In a world of remakes, prequels, and sequels, they’re looking to make something new. The goal is to capture again the feeling of meeting the monster in the dark, an unknown killer, without basing it on someone else’s character. The depravities and impulses of the human mind are as unique as the individual. And no one makes a better monster to humans than another human. This is the story they want to tell, want to share with the world, but they need help to make the horror come alive. 


Remember in Silence of the Lambs, how you felt when Jodie Foster was in that basement. Through the night vision you can see the utter fear and helplessness in her eyes. In a way you could taste that damp air she was breathing. That's what they're going for!  They have a great story, now they need the funds to hire fabulous actors and crew to finish it. Let's show the world that great acting still exists and great stories can still be made.


In making, and funding, this short film they strive to show the audience what can lay hidden behind a human face. In order to do that they are encouraging the backers to help, in more ways than just money. There are several interesting perks that will make you a part of the film itself, not just a sponsor or patron. Check out the Indiegogo Campaign The Line Short Film to see how you can join! (Seriously, there are some pretty cool features based on the level you commit, like signed copies of the script, getting to be one of the victims of the killer, and NAMING the town. How cool?!) 


And if you think this is a cool project, please be sure to share. Sharing is caring!


Until next time, 


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