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Meet the Author Monday with Michelle Murray

April 24, 2017

Hello Lovelies, 


As you know, my son has been thoroughly enjoying The Land of Mystica series, a mid-grade fantasy series by Michelle Murray (See his book reviews of book one and book two here.) Michelle is a married working mother of two fine young men who lives in Wisconsin. When not writing she enjoys reading, especially science fiction/fantasy and classics. She also enjoys painting, crafts and spending time with her family. She also enjoys going for walks and swimming. Her favorite authors include: Shakespeare, Mark Twain, Margaret Weiss and Colleen Houck.



I just had to reach out to Michelle for an interview! So let's welcome Michelle to An Angell's Life. Good Morning, Michelle. What inspired this book?

This book was inspired by dreams and mist. It was also inspired by my sons. They were constantly bringing home books to read that contained violence, bullying, cutting, killing, and I wanted to write a fun family friendly fantasy series like Chronicles of Narnia that I could read to and with my kids without all this graphic material. I am all for choosing books and am against banning books, but I felt there should be an alternative. Something to choose from. Something different.

And I'm so glad that you did. I feel the same way, and am constantly telling my kids. "Not until your older." when they pick out books that are not age appropriate. If you could have your book made into a movie who would direct it?

 I would love to have Steven Spielberg  direct it lol, but I'd be happy with anyone.

Spielberg is kind of amazing, right? If your book was made into a movie, who would you cast?

I would cast Shailene Woodley as Miranda. She has the right look, and has been in several shows. I would cast Leonardo Dicaprio as one of the wizards. Who doesn't like Leo?

I would cast Johnny Depp as one of the wizards. I've always liked him even before pirates.

I haven't thought beyond those three lol.

 Sounds like a pretty awesome cast! What is your next project?

4a I have several things In progress, it's just a matter of finishing lol. I am working on the fourth book of the dream walker series, where Miranda must travel to the dream world to fight the darkness. I am working on a prequel for Lightning.  What was he like before being trapped in stone? And finally I'm working on some poetry for a writing competition.

Busy, busy! That's awesome! Who is one person from history you would like to meet?

I would like to meet Sitting Bull. If you  don't know who he is, I suggest you research him. I would like to hear from him the history, language and beliefs of the Soiux people.


Ooh, he would be an awesome person to meet. I've visited his resting place before. He was a very amazing man. 


Thanks for joining us Michelle, my son can't wait for the next book in the Land of Mystica Series! 


Want to learn more about Michelle? Visit her Website. 


Until next time, 


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