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Teaser Tuesday- Book Sales I Found This Week!

May 2, 2017

Hello Lovelies, 


I found some fun book sales and promos that are happening this week and wanted to share. The first, for anyone with little ones, is Baby Bunny Gets a Mommy. It is currently free on Kindle through Friday. It looks super cute! Baby Bunny Huddy discovers the warmth of family when she's rescued by the kindest kangaroo Mommy in the whole forest. Baby Bunny Gets a Mommy is a lively tale with a fun bunny flavor. The warm message of acceptance shows how families unite through love and spending time together. Soft watercolor illustrations create a cozy feel perfect for snuggling up and going on a journey with Baby Bunny Huddy as she searches for that rare gift of unconditional love. Baby Bunny Gets a Mommy is a precious gift for baby showers, birthdays and for moms and daughters searching for books to bring them closer. It's also a tender story for foster kids and families touched by adoption.




Michael J. Sanford has finished The Druid's Guide Trilogy, and as part of that, he has the first two books on sale. Here are the details:  Release Week Sale! 4/30-5/6 Book One: The Mighty Normally 2.99 Now .99

Book Two: The Forsaken Normally 4.99 Now 2.99.

He's not crazy. Honest, he's not. He's just Wyatt. Wyatt the Mighty. Fifteen-year-old Wyatt has been sent to a treatment center for "disturbed youth." No one understands him. He wants nothing more than to escape from it all. And he does. Through a magic he doesn't understand, he finds himself in Hagion, a realm of fantastical creatures and immense wonder. He quickly finds himself in the company of a runaway warrior and two Children--a strange race of underground creatures that seem forever joyful. They claim Wyatt is a Druid, a powerful figure of myth and legend, sent to restore peace to all of the Realms. He doesn't bother correcting them. Finally, he can be the hero he's always dreamed of. But claiming to be a hero and actually being a hero are two different things. And it's a lesson Wyatt may have to pay dearly for. A Mature YA(ish) Fantasy/Contemporary Tale. You can grab all three of the books here. 


J.G. Cully has placed all of The Haldred Chronicles Free on Kindle. Haldred Chronicles' is set in a post war

world and follows the investigations of Victoria Haldred, a Council of Peace investigator, as she battles to maintain a fragile peace. You can grab those here.


Dean F. Wilson has The Coilhunters prequel for sale for 99 cents, and the Coil Hunters for pre-order at 99 Cents. The Wild North is full of nasty places, but there are some places you just don’t go. One of them is that scrapyard desert known as Rust Valley. It’s where vehicles go to die. That’s why you don’t go in after them.The bounty hunter Nox made a promise to himself that he’d never be caught dead there. Yet, when a couple of kids end up wandering inside that metal maze, he finds himself with no other choice.He decks himself out in his finest armour. He’ll need it. That land is where the rust-covered Clockwork Commune live, and if they don’t scavenge the metal off you, they’ll scavenge the flesh instead. Nox is used to being called the Coilhunter, but this time he’s saddling up with a new, more fitting title: the Rustkiller. Learn more here. 



Well, those are the deals I found this week. Do you know of any awesome deals or events happening? Share in the comments below! 


Until next time, 

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