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Meet the Author Monday with Jason J. Nugent

June 5, 2017

Hello lovelies, 

So excited to introduce you to Jason J. Nugent who is the author of two collections of dark fiction short stories: "(Almost) Average Anthology" and "Moments of Darkness” and the young adult scifi novel “The Selection.”Jason has written for Sum'n Unique Magazine and game missions for an independently produced video game titled "Status Quo." Needless to say, he is quite the diverse writer. Let's jump on in. 



Welcome to An Angell's Life, Jason. What is the current book you are promoting?

The book I’m currently promoting is The Selection, a young adult scifi adventure tale.


What inspired this book?

I wanted to create a story my son would enjoy. I wrote it two years ago when he was fourteen. The setting is inspired by a series of travel posters NASA released a few years ago. There was one in particular for Kepler 186f that struck me, and that is where the story takes place.


How cool! Trying to find books for my teens is always a struggle too. Glad you wrote The Selection! What is your next project?

I’m currently working on a follow-up novel to The Selection as well as several short stories. I like to have the flexibility of changing projects to keep my writing interesting and engaging for me.


Ha, ha, I can relate. I have so many half-finished series, but I follow my muse. Who is your favorite author?

Stephen King is my all time favorite author. I love his accessible language and dark themes. Much of my writing tends to be in the same vein, though nowhere near as polished or ready to conquer the world. But I’m getting there!


I really enjoy Stephen King's work as well, particularly his earlier works. Alright, last question, tell us


something unique about you:

I’ve written game missions for an independently produced video game titled Status Quo. It should be out within a year. And…I once skated with Tony Hawk.


Talk about a diverse and fun fella! Just a quick heads up, Jason will have The Selection available for 99¢ starting Friday, June 9th, through the 22nd. 


Want to read more of his work? He blogs regularly at where he shares author interviews, giveaways, and a bit of himself with the readers. 


Want to keep up with his writing antics? Follow him on Twitter: @LailokenRi  or Facebook. Want to learn more about his books and short stories? Visit his Author Page:


Until next time, 


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