Survivalist Bible



My name is Gabriel Llewellyn. If you are reading this, then I am probably dead. Or infected. Or maybe I dropped it while fleeing the infected. I suppose it is hard to say. I hope it’s the latter.

You may wonder, in the nightmare our world has become, why I bother writing this at all. My idealistic self believes that one day humanity will overcome this dark period in our history. When we do, this will be a record of the events. So much has been lost already, we cannot lose this too. My practical self hopes this will help me to survive. I am not exactly survivalist material and if it weren’t for a few key people, I would have fallen with Atlanta.

But if I write down everything I hear and learn, then I will have something to refer to and when those people who helped me so far tire, or leave, or turn… these notes will help me survive.

If someone finds this notebook then perhaps it will help you survive.

Before my world came crashing to an end, I was a writer. Maybe this is just me clinging to a small piece of something seemingly normal. Whatever the reason, or perhaps for all of these reasons, I will write what I’ve learned. I will tell my story.


Survivalist Bible is a series of novellas being released in e-book over the next year or so, and a giant paperback will be released at the end.


 Survivalist Bible: Genesis is expected to release November, 2017


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